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    Wittman Tailwind modified to meet E-LSA?

    ARP67 if want more information PM me, we can go from there. Have a good day all
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    Wittman Tailwind modified to meet E-LSA?

    OK I may regret this. I have W-10 that will meet LSA. Empty weight 593# wing span 27.5 ft. wittman tips. A75 motor Calbie Woods Al. wings, And much correspondence between Steve W. and the builder. .250th cuff under leading edge. Guy built 3 sets of wings to get it right. Stall 44 mph...
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    Ebay Today

    for a wood wing airplane
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    Ebay Today

    setting on the ramp in Florida isn't good either
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    For Sale McCullough 72HP 4 Cylinder 2 Stroke Engine

    yes I still have it for sale. 402-416-7814
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    For Sale Craigslist

    I have a complete McCulloch 72hp with carb. NOS no prop real nice $500 in Nebr 402-416-7814
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    For Sale McCullough 72HP 4 Cylinder 2 Stroke Engine

    I have one for sale in Nebraska, same price. Excellent shape, never ran. NOS
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    22 Hp Harbor Freight engine evaluation + other V tiwns

    what kind of throttle body are you using with this setup??
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    This must have been fun....

    Neat story, I may have to try it. I fly out of Wahoo
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    check out this lawn mower engine (kohler engine)

    Modern 4 stroke Dirt bikes do it all day long
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    Steps to scratch build a VW

    How is the motor project going ??
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    Industrial engine electronic management system development - HBA style

    Do you have a release to the public date yet?? It would be nice to have now to work with over the winter.
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    Stall Warning

    build a lift reserve gauge for your aircraft
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    Briggs vanguard conversions

    Look up J-Bird.com them sell motors and stuff
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    For Sale Christavia MK1

    Price point ?
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    FLYRITE is right there is no money in ultralights for the good old boys, so as things are done some of their buddy's with power, wrote the LSA rules and ran Ultralights off into the sunset they hope. It was the only part of aviation that was growing for the common man and healthy. And the EAA...
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    Why the animosity towards ultralights?

    I think alot of it is lack of training, ignorance of the law/rules. So ultralights have alot more incidents with other pilots and FBO's !!! Then there is the reliability of 2 stroke motors with neophytes operating them. Engine outs, and crashes. I have owned several ultralights, so first...