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    Source of cheaper steering springs?

    the best I’ve found are from Maule, small Caribbeaner (?) drilled for cotter pins to keep it from loosening. Maule uses two different size springs to stop shimmying. I’ve seen the old style clips pull out and separate. Still don’t know what they did to make it do that but seen it. Was on a...
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    Cleaning a gunky engine...

    Take it outside and spray it with Grease-Be-Gone. No need to rinse. Then finish it up with Simple Green for aircraft. The green SG will get into everywhere and it is caustic. You get G-B-G from the wing tank.
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    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    Been thinking about this, the OP is looking for ways to save money by using a engine that cost less because of its reputation. There most likely is no one that hasn’t been down this road, so nothing new. I’ve been in Aviation for 54 years so take what I say with a grain of salt been twisted...
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    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    Again my 2C, this is getting mixed up between flying behind the engine and minor maintenance and repairing and overhauling . The six cyl. Is smoother running but overhauling is a different animal. By this I mean internal parts not just gaskets and hoses. Call some parts houses and price out the...
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    Why not a Continental IO-360?

    They are not a good idea, Continental has dropped them. As a non supported engine ,parts have gone thru the roof. There were lots of problems with them from A-Z. The O-300 seemed to do better but the rebuild cost is thru the roof. Around two years ago I rebuilt a 300 and had $25,000.00 in...
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    What do you guys think of LIQUID runways?

    LOL, the Beaver thing would work, those little turds will Damm up anything overnight. They aren’t protected, I have a permit to do away with as many as I want on the farm. They are far from endangered.
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    I’ve lived in Alaska for 30 years and not to start a war but the Piper 140 isn’t too good in the bush, but again we come to the definition of Bush flyingI guess.
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    For the small plane A&Ps out there

    I don’t mean to stir the pot but today’s GA fleet consist of Turbine singles that have Hyd. Operated gear, and are pressurized and have O2 systems. The new aircraft coming out are getting very complex and the training is relevant. There isn’t any short cuts to be a A&P to work in the field.
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    Composite wing spar web design - composite webs, foam webs, etc.

    Sorry for not being more complete in my reply. The company shot from the hip as they designed bigger and more powerful aircraft. There fiberglass work was really good and I don’t know of any failures in it. As an example they fastened the end fittings in the elevator control tube with four...
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    Composite wing spar web design - composite webs, foam webs, etc.

    Don’t know if this would add much here but, back in the 90’ a company in FL sold kit planes made of fiberglass and foam. AeroComp is the company and the planes were CompMonster, CompAir 4, 6, 7, 10. All their wings were made with 1/2” foam board wrapped in cloth and bonded with Vinyl-ester...
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    PPL written exam...

    Here’s my two cents: I’m a CFI, sel,Mel. ATP, comm. /instr. helicopter on and on. Here is what most guys did over the years. Study the material for the knowledge you will need. Next when you feel you know or at least have a good handle on the material you go to phase two: the test. They are two...