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    Mead Adventure Plans

    Does anyone have Mead Adventure plans for sale or know of a source?
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    Hi - Found your posts about the Mead Adventure; wondering how that turned out? I'd like to have...

    Hi - Found your posts about the Mead Adventure; wondering how that turned out? I'd like to have plans for the Adventure - are there any for sale anywhere? Blue skies, Chris
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    Removing Wood Wing Skin From Wood Rib

    TiPi, Thanks for your thoughts, they're very close to what I've been considering starting with the multi-tool (oscillating tool). To produce the scarfing (beveled) surface on the 1/16" skin, I'm planning on using a belt sander with a shim (of sorts) affixed to one side of the belt sander to...
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    Removing Wood Wing Skin From Wood Rib

    First, thanks for the replies - they're genuinely appreciated. The damage is most of the length of one rib. The skin is mostly cracked from the spar to the trailing edge on both sides of one rib (the second rib closest to the fuselage). The skin is also cracked ahead of the spar along that...
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    Removing Wood Wing Skin From Wood Rib

    I've acquired a Cassutt that hasn't flown in over 15 years. Somehow, I managed to damage the skin over the second innermost rib. So I need to remove the skin from the root to the second rib; my plan is to scarf the 1/16" plywood skin over the third rib and replace the skin. But how best to...
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    Aircraft *designs* available for sale?

    "Someone should take the Cassutt rights, and promote and support it. A non-racing fuselage, with the upper longerons built in one plane, would be slightly heavier, but would be much easier to build, and could have more room below the spar for taller pilot. Three wings could be offered; the...
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    What is it???

    I attended a sales meeting from Saab for their 2000 - the performance was very impressive. But so was the price! Their price for the 2000 was greater than what Canadair was asking for the CRJ-100 and Embraer was asking for the aircraft that became the EMB-145. And yes, our airline...
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    What is it???

    As originally designed, the 1900 had a rather limited C.G. range. The "surfboard" (as we called it) allowed for a much greater range. From time to time, a tug or bag cart would hit the surfboard; it we had it removed, the plane could be ferried back to our maintenance base for repair, but at a...
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    What is it???

    The 1900s were flying long before the KingAir 350. I was delivering new 1900s when the 350 was just a proposal (then) known as the 300S.