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    13b rotary engine controllers. What are people using?

    SDS does not have a full rotary solution. If they did, many of us would buy one just to have continuing hardware support. I have a well proven EC3 but am still looking for an alternative increase the unit ever fails.
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    Walbro Fuel Pumps

    What is the battery voltage after disconnecting the alternator? I flew for 500+ hours with Walbro pumps feed with 10A breakers and didn't experience any issues. I would see 6A at 48PSI. About 6 ft of 14G wire with return wired to a ground buss and not the airframe. I always ran both pumps for...
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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    I found that better heat shielding between the PSRU and exhaust pipe improved damper life. The last set I changed had developed only minimal flat spots. Prior to having the batch manufactured I would rotate the dampers 180 degrees opposite the flat spots at annual. This seems to allow the...