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  1. leviterande

    fabric on ribs with huge spacing, doable?

    Im deisgning and testing various smaller prototypes towards a blended wing/lifting body concept, kind of like the facetmobile. I have a question about fabric covering . The concept involves big spacing between the ribs/members. Few members are around 3.5m apart between. I.e.a round...
  2. leviterande

    Looking for structural analysis tester/engineer to assist in a project

    Hi! While I have worked with 3d modeling and Ansys structural analysis software and knows a bit about structural design criteria I would like to get help from a good engineer/designer or really any talented person who is really good at structural stress software. Looking for assistant/worker...
  3. leviterande

    A question about this used 582,

    Hi, I am really not sure where to post this. If I posted in the wrong forumsection I apologize and please move it. As I mentioned in the other post I am looking for a reasonably priced engine considering the fact that I am in Europe. I have checked lots of --"40hp -and-up"-2- strokes all from...
  4. leviterande

    Wanted Engine-/engine kits/auto conversions kits -dealers in Europe?

    Hi, I am not sure where to post this question, this could be a wrong place so Mods please relocate it if you want:). I am looking for dealers for auto engine conversion kits or even dealers of other reasonably priced engines in Europe. I am honestly barely finding anything here to be...
  5. leviterande

    Span loading and Aspect Ratio vs glide ratio

    Hi everyone! To illustrate my question lets just try an exaggeration : 2 airplanes with the same span loading, both have equal wingspans and equal gross weights. One has an AR of 1:1 while the other has an aspect ratio of 10:1. Which one has the better glide in power off mode ? I...
  6. leviterande

    The ULTIMATE and FINAL VTOL to end them all!

    Hi, lets just face it. A super aircraft MUST and I mean MUST be VTOL capable. Now let us imagine that we have very lightweight electric engines that DO NOT REQUIRE power and will run forever without a drop of fuel/battery(now I know of many phony claims from inventors etc but this is not...
  7. leviterande

    Zero airspeed, engine out landing, possible?

    Hi, is there any winged airplane/concept that can land at zero airspeed withengine out. All airplanes ft will simply stall and lose control unless they get forward speed..In other words wouldnt it be nice to be able to pull the stick all the way af,t decrease the airspeed to zero and...
  8. leviterande

    Considering your experience..., what is cheaper/better in the end?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find a suitable 15hp engine and a suitable redrive(hopefully!). The engine will be from a used place or somewhere else. The redrive is the bigger problem though. Where and how to make it all?. I dont know for sure, but it seems extremely hard to do it all.(first...
  9. leviterande

    Easiest to fly: Flex Wing vs Rigid Wing

    I have been searching the net for an answer and I am dying to know what is the easiest to start flying with. By easiest I mean the easiest to control the thing in the air, not the building or transporting or maintenance, I Just mean which is the easiest to control. Flex wings, aka Hang...
  10. leviterande

    Glide-ratio and Engine out scene.

    Hi everyone, I have been wondering about the case when an engine cuts out. Let us assume that an airplane loses engine power at a good medium altitude. the thing that makes me scratch my head is what really is BEST in only this situation, a very good gliding ratio or an as steep...
  11. leviterande

    How to calculate static thrust?

    Hi, everyone, there are plenty of thrsut calculators that give you rpm, thrust, tip speed, but not how much power to be required? if it was all about direct driven electric motors, that would be no problem but what about calculating how much a 582 or 60hp engine with a gearing toa 120" prop...
  12. leviterande

    Vtol design: 1 vs 6 engines

    Hi, everyone I just became a member and this forum seems to be a wonderful place to talk about homebuilt.:) I have been planing to make a vtol craft. I know many who has the same aim and I am not saying I am going to be better or the best but my goals are that the craft is going to be simple...
  13. leviterande


    Hi everyone! My name is Kalle and I just became a member, my main interests is to build someday a safe and light cheap vertical take off landing vehicle I have studied the subject for a long time, I build rc prototypes so , may i ask were I can post a thread about my VTOL idea...