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  1. Tench745

    Widening a Corben Jr Ace.

    I have asked these questions in one form or another in multiple places. I'm asking again here in hopes that some of the more experienced members can give me some solid direction. Setting the stage: For a number of reasons, I bought plans for and started building a Corben Jr Ace. The Corben Jr...
  2. Tench745

    Marking steel fittings.

    I asked about this over on Facebook and on the EAA forums, but got very few responses. It seems to me this might be the place for opinions and experience. I have made up nearly all the fittings for the wings on my Corben Jr Ace (Baby Ace model E). I am looking specifically at ways of marking...
  3. Tench745

    Sourcing drag wire materials.

    Hello all, I've asked around numerous places trying to find a satisfactory answer to my question with limited success. I'm building a Corben Jr Ace and trying to find the stock to make the internal drag/antidrag wires for the wing. The plans call for 1050 grade steel rod in 9/64" diameter. This...