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    Buying airplane with no regisitation?

    I know of a guy how recently passed away that had 3 airplanes. One is a pipe j3 cub. The catch is the guy never had a license to fly and did not register the planes. He flew them from his house mostly. I know he owned the cub for over 20 years as he tried to trade it for a bass boat my dad had...
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    I read this Nasa technical document on wind tunnel test done on model airplanes to determine the effects of fuselage shape has on spin behavior. GENERAL STUDY OF LIGHT PLANE SPIN, AFT FUSELAGE GEOMETRY, PART 1 : BEAURAIN, L : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive From what I gathered it...
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    Spiral stability vs spin tendency?

    Does Spiral stability / instability have any affect on an airplane's tendency to enter a spin and recover? Most GA airplanes are slightly spiral unstable meaning that they will enter a spiral dive from a banked attitude. Spiral stable airplanes are not likely to enter a spiral dive from a bank...
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    tail volume coefficient?

    I read that homebuilts usually have a horizontal tail volume of .5 and GA aircraft like 172s have a .7 volume. The vertical stab volumes were listed as .04 for both. Are these numbers accurate? I am building a r/c plane and trying to figure out if I am doing the tail volume calculations...
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    Safe kits?

    Are Chris heintz designs safe? I have read a few difference articles saying he made deadly modifications to the Cri CrI cricket. Also the CH 601 had some deadly design flaws. All stories I read said Heintz said the failures of both plane models were due to the pilot or builder error not...
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    Plans for small aircraft similar to the Cri cri Cricket?

    I was wondering if you guys know of any other aircraft out there are similar in size as the Cri Cri. I do not believe the plans for the Cri Cri are available in the US. I like that it uses 2 small engines and performs so well. I like that it is as small as some giant scale r/c planes and can...
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    CG range vs gross weight?

    On a Cessna 150 C The center of gravity moment envelope runs from around 35.5 at 1100 pounds to 54 at 1500 pounds . This gives the airplane a cg arm range of 32 to 36 inches from the datum point through out this range. Now if this airplane is loaded say 500 pounds over gross that would yield a...
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    ELSA or EAB?

    Can you still register a homebuilt as ELSA? How does the registration process differ from EAB? I read somewhere that ELSA does not have to meet the 51% build rule like EAB and you can take a 16 hour course to do your own annuals on ELSA. So does this mean you don’t need build pictures and a...
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    Coroplast Plastic full size airplane about to fly!

    Life Size Greetings | Facebook Ok this guy is completely nuts. I have built a lot of model r/c airplanes out of this plastic cardboard but no way for a real one. I can not believe he is actually going to try and fly this thing. It is hot glued together! The wings appear too close for a...
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    Structural analysis loads on attachment points?

    I am drawing up a landing gear and would like to know if any of you could figure the loads on each of the attachment points and tell me how much of the load is in shear/ tension and how the load is distributed such as 400 pounds vertical and 800 pound horizontal, stress concentration etc. I...
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    Original style Rogallo Wing / fixed wing hybrid?

    Could something like this r/c model be scaled up to an ultra light airplane. The model uses a rudder and elevator to control pitch and turns. Basically taking one of the designs that Barry Palmer created and adding conventional tail feathers rather than using weight shift for control...
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    Why do some metal skinned wing airplanes have fabric covered control surfaces?

    Why do some metal skinned wing airplanes have fabric covered control surfaces?
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    wing spar loading?

    I figured this up strictly for my entertainment with no intent on building something based on this. I am just trying to understand how wing loading and bending moments work together and how a spar is loaded from wing tip to root. Please see the attached picture. I based this on an airplane...
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    Reynolds numbers?

    How do Reynolds numbers apply to model r/c and full size airplanes? The stuff I read suggests that low Re numbers as associated what models generally have laminar flows and viscous forces dominate where high Re numbers as we see with full scale airplanes have turbulent flow with inertia forces...
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    neat new 4 wheel ultralight with video.

    Has anyone seen that airplane? It has some short fat wings! 65 hp and its a legal UL. Does anyone have detail regarding the build?
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    Wing Aspect Ratio

    In general, how does the aspect ratio of a wing affect aircraft performance and handling? I do not want to compare gliders to power aircraft. More or less curious as to how a very low aspect ratio wing around 3:1 compares to most Ultralight/ light sport and GA aspect ratios. For instance...
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    Adding alierons to a weedhopper wing?

    This is from the weedhopper group: Do any of you think its possible to use our stock wing and beef up the TE tube as well as the out-board end of the wing in some way so that we could retain the stock wing and just ad a full span aileron to it so that we would have the extra control needed...
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    Bug glider powered?

    Basic Ultralight Glider Does anyone have experience building the BUG ultralight sailplane? I want a small lightweight powered fixed wing similar to a naonlight trike for just slow putting around and soaring. The BUG looks like exactly what I want in a airplane however I want it powered so it...
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    Airplane will not spin?

    Is it possible to build a 3 axis airplane that is incapable of spinning? The reason I ask is because I have a radio controlled model that will not spin or enter a decent stall. Does airfoil thickness have anything to do with stalls and spins? I just built a new electric r/c plane and this...
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    Amateur Aircraft builders?

    I see fairly frequent posts asking how to design an airplane. I for one made a similar post when I joined the forum. Some of the designs out there mainly ultralight type aircraft do not seem to be that complicated . The weedhopper, Lazair and the Quicksiver come to mind as being very simple...