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    Gerdes wheels and brakes.

    Anyone have any experience with Gerdes wheels and brakes? I bought a tri-gear set and other than the uglyness of them they look like they might be a pretty good buy. Only concern is the design pushes the twin pucks at opposite positions outward against the entire wheel/bearing/disc and therein...
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    Bellanca Skyrocket II Turned UP?

    Looking for information later than 2000 on the 70's Bellanca design the Skyrocket II. Tried search on this forum on keywords Bellanca skyrocket and Bellanca skyrocket II.....no finds. Another sites forum attendee claims the bird was flown to the Sun n' Fun 2000 flyin but no news of the plane...
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    Micro light powered sailplane

    This is my powered sailplane I finished building after 4 years work and first flew in 2001. At first flight 'Alnair' was really a pure sailplane with a small 5 hp. Zenoah spinning a 28" prop at the back of the pilot pod. It was hoped the engine would be a sustainer but alas it would not quite...
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    EFI Conversion of 2-stroke with MicroSquirt

    I'm looking into the conversion of a 2-stroke with float type mikuni carburetor to a fuel injection and electronic engine/fuel control with available units made by Bowling and Grippo. Specifically, MicroSquirt EFI with direct injector into original carb body implementation. With this system...