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  1. olgol

    Handy 1 stop Website for coverting just about anything to anything.

    Spelling APP probably :) not Ap can you not edit the title in the first post of the thread?
  2. olgol

    Modern day "motorcycle of the air" aircraft class?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozL7E1YQaCM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV7ABT69opA
  3. olgol

    21st century Volksplane?

    This gentleman makes really great Generac conversions (used on powered chutes) https://www.flickr.com/photos/13761775@N00/sets/72157650487105819 For an airplane, I think a Generac (or other V-twin) can be run direct drive quite successfully. At a small loss of static trust of course. But in...
  4. olgol

    I will miss Orion!!!

    One of the biggest reasons for me to visit this forum was to read Orion's answers to various questions. When I found out about his passing (just recently) I was in shock for sure. What a loss for the aviation world. This forum will never be the same without him. (I am still here regularly of...
  5. olgol

    Robin Ultralight

    Mark, sorry to hear about the gear leg trouble. I had a very similar design idea in my mind and was hoping to use it in future. I am sad to see that you are abandoning this gear design. Did the failure happen in the middle of the leg? near the root? near the wheel axle? Did you taxi over any...
  6. olgol

    Robin Ultralight

    Mark, congrats on your progress and hope you fly it very soon! IMHO, the pins will not go into the sockets this way. They have to be inserted straight into the sockets, not along am arched trajectory. Maybe I am missing something and you have a clever design of these pins/sockets. Mark, what...
  7. olgol

    Lifting body discussion

    Gtex09, have you made any more progress with your project? Are you building the real 1:1 machine already or not?
  8. olgol

    34-50 hp Engines

    Mark, is a recent experience, or a long time ago? Can you describe in more details what problems you had with it? I have always been curious myself about 1/2VW. With their claimed power up to 35 or even 40ph they ought to be just the bullet for ultralights even at 100lbs or so, but they are not...
  9. olgol

    Electric Lazair

    Not exactly a SkyPup, but very close: ELECTRAVIA : Electra 1er avion électrique au monde
  10. olgol

    Robin Ultralight

    Mark, I am one of your devoted blog followers also. Thanks a lot for publishing your progress and wisdom bits. You mentioned future provisions for heavier engines. 1/2VW or HKS700. I assume this will not be a FAR 103 ultralight anymore then?
  11. olgol

    Sun-n-Fun 2011 U/Ls

    Mark, did he say what specifically he did not like about Verner 360 engine?
  12. olgol

    My 130 pounder twin engine aerobatic speedster !

    I was just trying to give you design ideas. I really liked your design and posted sketches of similar concepts for you to borrow ideas from. Like I said, you did not even look at it carefully when I posted it. If you are trying to design the most original airplane that's one thing. If you are...
  13. olgol

    My 130 pounder twin engine aerobatic speedster !

    Yes, you have seen it, just did not pay attention, msg #6 on the first page of this thread.
  14. olgol

    My 130 pounder twin engine aerobatic speedster !

    Why not put the engines on the nose, like CriCri? Or maybe on the wings?
  15. olgol

    Piano hinges - how to attach to wood

    What is the common practice regarding the above question - how to attach piano hinges to a wooden structure (elevator, rudder, aileron, etc). The two most obvious alternatives in my mind (not necessarily applicable to aircraft) are 1) bolts and nuts, 2) wood screws. Rivets seem to be out of...
  16. olgol

    New design project: Aerobatic ultralight biplane

    Why not $2000? or $1000? that would be even more ideal. If you are talking about buying a commercially built UL or even a kit for $3000, you need to send your money to Doug Hart, although that may be difficult now that he is charged with fraud. That amount of money is not enough to even buy raw...
  17. olgol

    New Design

    Mark, have you seen this engine: http://www.flydiver.com/MISC/Brochures/BROCHUREJCV-360.pdf VM133MK Specifications and Features http://www.flydiver.com/Images/JCV-360/DSCN1569.jpg http://www.flydiver.com/MISC/Brochures/JCV360drawing.pdf A little expensive, but since you are already looking at...
  18. olgol

    A question for you trail-dragger types...

    It is essential to have the"wheel" be able to roll forward freely and resist the sidewise motion during take-offs. Good designs have a locking tailwheel that can be fixed in the straight position for take-off. If you do not use a wheel, it is best to not use a slippery material. You will incur...
  19. olgol

    LSA Rules ?

    [/LIST] I think it can be converted back to S-LSA now with the new rule. The owner must have done all required safety fixes that the manufacturer "prescribed" for S-LSA, and it must be inspected of course. I may be wrong of course...
  20. olgol

    "Dragon Wing"

    If 8 minutes is quick enough for you, then this is what you are thinking about. It does not get any more practical and effective than this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPTnNUXCxhg