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    documentation photographs ??

    I have done the freezer overnight thing twice and it worked both times. :zzz::zzz:
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    Most homebuilts are WAAAY overbuilt??

    reference to the useful load in the beginning of this thread brings me to ask for the help of all you very interesting designers and engineers here. If designing, how do I arrive at the useful load capability of my airframe? I have built the one plane and loaded the wing prior to...
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    Gerdes wheels and brakes.

    Anyone have any experience with Gerdes wheels and brakes? I bought a tri-gear set and other than the uglyness of them they look like they might be a pretty good buy. Only concern is the design pushes the twin pucks at opposite positions outward against the entire wheel/bearing/disc and therein...
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    Bellanca Skyrocket II Turned UP?

    Looking for information later than 2000 on the 70's Bellanca design the Skyrocket II. Tried search on this forum on keywords Bellanca skyrocket and Bellanca skyrocket II.....no finds. Another sites forum attendee claims the bird was flown to the Sun n' Fun 2000 flyin but no news of the plane...
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    Carbon Dragon

    Walaby ranch has hosted Steve Arndt and his 'magic dragon I know a number of times. Met Steve 1997 I believe in Hutchinson, KS and we together reverse engineered the original CD owned at that time by Gary Osaba. Both of us owned complete plans and were about building. Steve completed...
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    Carbon Dragon

    goid I hate that quick post feature....hit a button near the enter and all the writing disappears.....or maybe posted?....I am not sure which!?! Anyway, I'll check the post now to see if I accomplished what I had set out to! G. Malm :(
  7. Z2010032


  8. Z1010013


  9. Z1010013 (18)

    Z1010013 (18)

  10. Z1010013 (14)

    Z1010013 (14)

  11. Alnair landing after her maiden flight as N601CE.....02/17/2004

    Alnair landing after her maiden flight as N601CE.....02/17/2004

  12. S DSCF0017

    S DSCF0017

  13. S DSCF0027

    S DSCF0027

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    S DSCF0020

  15. S DSCF0022

    S DSCF0022

  16. S DSCF0009

    S DSCF0009

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    S DSCF0043

  18. S DSCF0015

    S DSCF0015

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    S DSCF0032

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    S DSCF0041