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  1. mstratman

    free builders log: We Build Planes

    If you'd like a free site to post pics about your build - flying or in progress - keep a log, and eventually connect with other builders more easily (those features are a WIP), We Build Planes is up and running now: https://webuildplanes.com/ Great feedback so far. Let me know if you have any...
  2. mstratman

    Gaps under pull rivets

    I've started to get gaps, up to 0.0025, beneath the rivets I'm pulling with a hydraulic/pneumatic riveter. I've double+triple checked that I'm holding it flush and flat. I took it apart and cleaned it, ran oil through. I tried running it up to 120 PSI, down to 80 and below, no luck. My hand...
  3. mstratman

    Hydraulic oil for riveter

    I have an ATD hydraulic riveter that recommends "a quality hydraulic oil such as Mobil DTE 10 or equivalent," but I'm having trouble finding it in smaller quantities. Anyone know if there's any harm in using power steering fluid or jack oil?
  4. mstratman

    Wordpress Builders Log plugin - track time spent

    If anyone is using or considering using Wordpress for your builders log, and want to easily keep track of time spent, try out the "Aircraft Builders Log" plugin. You should be able to install it directly from your Admin page. Alternatively, get more links and options here...
  5. mstratman

    Android builder log app - any interest?

    As a side project while I wait for the ability to get and start a kit (hopefully a few months), I was thinking of creating an Android builders log app, with a corresponding web interface for those times you don't want to type on a tiny keyboard. Is this something anyone else has felt the need...
  6. mstratman

    Building in a tiny workshop? (Zenith 750)

    Hey everyone. I'm hoping to get a quick reality check in advance. Do you think it's feasible to do most of a build in a 13x11' room? My wife and I are hoping to go down to their factory later this month to build the rudder, but I am having some serious doubts about the practicality of this...