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  1. fly_boy_bc

    Military capabilities of small mutirotors

    It is my contention that "the next big thing" in military hardware is the automation of small muti-rotors. Big drones like the Predator basically replace an airplane. Small multi's are a completely new type of weapon system. For less than $1 million a small country or terrorist org could loose...
  2. fly_boy_bc

    Electronic Ignition Amplifier or HEI Ignitor for Kawasaki 440a

    Actually I have a Kawasaki TA400 but nobody has ever heard of that engine! It has points, coil and condenser. I have been reading/researching two ways to retrofit electronic ignition to this engine. K2543: Electronic Ignition Amplifier kit QKits Electronic Kits: K2543, Electronic Ignition...
  3. fly_boy_bc

    Kawasaki TA340 TA400 TA440 PSRU and Prop selection.

    I posted this as an answer in an old thread but it is in the supplies and mfgrs announcments forum so I thought I'd repost it here: Roger Manns engine prop PSRU matrix (the single most trusted source for Kawasaki PSRU and prop information) for the 440a indicates 2.9:1 ratio and a 72 inch prop...
  4. fly_boy_bc

    I need a GPS/COM.

    I need a GPS/COM. Or rather I need a COM and I need a GPS so I think I should try to combine. I am rebuilding a Fisher 101 (pre Koala) ultralight so I don't need the newest, bestest, most feature filled GPS/COM available. What I want to do is learn about the history/development of GPS/COM...
  5. fly_boy_bc

    surplus fighter pilots helmets

    Hi all! I need a helmet. Helmets are required in Canada to fly basic ultralights and I do not have a headset yet either so I am considering purchasing a surplus fighter pilots helmet with integral headset. I am NOT talking about some vintage 1960's MIG helmet but 1980's-1990's NOS units that...
  6. fly_boy_bc

    Use of expired 4 and 5 point racing harnesses.

    I have seen several 4 and 5 point racing harnesses available on Craigslist for very low prices (one in my area is offered at $25). Does anybody see any problem with using these as long as they stand up to inspection? Gary B in BC rebuilding FFP-101.
  7. fly_boy_bc

    CHT/EGT gauge switching.

    In order to save panel space I would like to use ONE combo CHT/EGT gauge to monitor two cylinders. I know you are supposed to be very careful to not change lead lengths on thermocouples though so it this even possible? Will adding a switch or relay to the circuit spoil the measurement? Can I...
  8. fly_boy_bc

    Can a Hobbs meter be reset to zero?

    I am purchasing some used instruments. They come with an electric Hobbs. I know the answer is probably "NO WAY" :dis: but perhaps it's not as securely set as an auto odometer. Anybody know how to zero a Hobbs? Gary in BC
  9. fly_boy_bc

    Pre-cover mods/additions

    I am getting ready to cover my FFP-101 :ban: I am planning to install floats so I want to protect the wood as much as possible. I am just looking for suggestions/input as to what YOU would like to have done before covering but didn't. Things like making sure you have protected the wood properly...
  10. fly_boy_bc

    What should I do about the subfloor on my FFP-101?

    I am rebuilding a Fisher FP-101. One item I am unsure about is the subfloor under my feet. This false floor/subfloor/front floor doubler or whatever you want to call it is in fine shape as far as the condition of the wood but it is sagging in the center. It is not sagging from rot it seems like...
  11. fly_boy_bc

    My old Fisher FP-101 Fiberglass fuel tank.

    I recently purchased an FP-101 that I am rebuilding. It comes with the original fiberglass fuel tank. I know all about the problems with mogas and fiberglass tanks but the tank looks fine and an aluminum replacement would cost over $300! Could I leak/pressure test the tank and use a fuel tank...
  12. fly_boy_bc

    Fly_boy_bc (Gary B) Fisher 101 rebuild.

    Hello all, I have a plane. I have planned for this day all of my life like many young girls planned for their weddings. I have studied and prepaired. I have read all the homebuilder magazines until the pages fell out. I have scoured the Internet so much that I am actually suprised when I...
  13. fly_boy_bc

    Rotax 277 advice

    I am in the market for a good 277. What version do you recommend? Fan cooled or free air? Also what is the installed weight of a 277 including exhaust gear reduction and etc? I am willing to hand prop or use recoil starting in order to keep the weight down. (Can I remove the recoil starter and...
  14. fly_boy_bc

    Part 103 and floats

    I have recently purchased a Fisher 202 Koala for rebuilding. The seller also has a set of Puddlejumper amphibious floats that I can purchase with it if I wish (great deal). FAR 103 only allows 30 pounds for each float WITH associated mounting hardware. As far as I know Puddlejumpers are 150...
  15. fly_boy_bc

    Koala 202 rebuild

    I have a chance to get GREAT DEAL on a partially rebuilt Fisher Koala 202 ultralight. I am quite familliar with the Fisher fleet as I once (Briefly) owned a Fisher Super Koala. The wings and fuselage have been extensively refurbished and should be ready for recovering. I will be taking...
  16. fly_boy_bc

    Fisher Koala 202 (UL) rebuild.

    I have a chance to get GREAT DEAL on a partially rebuilt Fisher Koala 202 ultralight. I am quite familliar with the Fisher fleet as I once (Briefly) owned a Fisher Super Koala. The wings and fuselage have been extensively refurbished and should be ready for recovering. I will be taking...
  17. fly_boy_bc

    Looking for transportation suggestions.

    I need to transport an UNCOVERED Fisher Koala 202 (Ultralight) 200 miles from the current owner to my place. I looked into renting a big moving van but that would end up costing me more than the purchase price of the plane! I also looked into renting a flat deck utility trailer and that is a lot...
  18. fly_boy_bc

    True 103 ultralights that can be covered with fabric.

    I am looking to compile a (reasonably) complete list of true 103 ultralights that can be covered by traditional fabric covering techniques (NOT pre sewn sails). Some are obvious like the Fisher Koala 101 or 202 or other "Real plane" looking ultralights. But which of the "Breezy" types can be...
  19. fly_boy_bc

    How much does it cost to PAINT a small airplane?

    This is a carryover from my last thread "How much does it cost to cover a small airplane?" I have a good deal available to me for a koala 202 that needs to be covered. In the past I have read about exterior latex and automotive paint being used to seal and protect fabric aircraft. I have...
  20. fly_boy_bc

    How much does it cost to cover a small airplane?

    I have a chance to get a Fisher Koala 202 single seater that has not yet been covered. I have seen many videos and read many tutorials about HOW to cover a small airplane but what does it cost for materials? I want to try a low cost alternative paint system but how much does it cost to get it to...