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  1. PTAirco

    McCauley 76x51 prop wanted

    Anyone have one of these lying around, old but serviceable? 8 Billy pattern for an O-300. Pitch can be a little off either way, I can get it re-pitched. My old Maule isn't really happy with the current 74x60 cruise prop. Bargain basement examples preferred, I'm more or less experimenting with...
  2. PTAirco

    Who ever heard of Mr Longren?

    While looking at folding wing biplane designs I stumbled across the story of Albin Longren. He was apparently quite influential and a clever amateur designer who impressed a a lot of people and even the navy with his designs. He was once vice president of Cessna yet nobody ever heard of him...
  3. PTAirco

    Take off technique

    The current vogue in bush flying and popular STOL culture is to shove the stick forward at the beginning of the take off roll and the yank it back down with a more or less violent rotation. Often you see the tailwheel slapping the ground again. The argument is that lifting the tail reduced the...
  4. PTAirco

    Stuck valves

    I had my first stuck exhaust valve on an O-300 in my Maule M4. I've flown this quite a bit and most recently a couple of days ago. My friend borrowed it and flew it to Big Bear. Stayed overnight and flew it back in the morning. Barely got off the ground... Luckily it's all downhill to Flabob...
  5. PTAirco

    Old flying magazines.

    This will get you through any length of quarantine : Flying Magazine This kind of stuff sucks me in for hours. If I had the money, I'd pay someone to print all these out and bind them into magazines which I can enjoy for the rest of my life. Luckiliy a few are missing here nad there...
  6. PTAirco

    Medical extension

    If your medical ran out in March, the FAA says they won't bother you until June 30th. Mine did and I was pleasantly surprised that I'll get a few months extra. Medical Certification
  7. PTAirco

    Aviation week archives

    I love old aviation magazines. Flight Global had all issues of "Aeroplane" archived and online. Now Aviation Week has done the same, back to 1916. I signed up and registered and while I can log in, I can't seem to make the thumbnails expand so I can read the it at full resolution. Had anyone...
  8. PTAirco

    M14D engine

    I always liked the idea of this engine for my one-off biplane design, as an alternative for the V8 conversion it was designed for. Same as the M14P so widely used, except it has no gearbox. 220HP at 2000 rpm. It seems to have disappeared. Once it was available for around $11,000 remanufactured...
  9. PTAirco

    When can I get this?

    The material in the picture is an aluminum extrusion. 1/2 angle, 1/16"thick but with an extra small " bulb" sticking out of the corner. It is used in the rib caps of a certain unmentionable Cub clone. I looked everywhere, but nobody else seems to use it. If anyone here has come across a...
  10. PTAirco

    S-LSA downsides

    I have recently acquired two damaged Cub clones (manufacturer shall remain makes at this stage) that I intend to repair to good as new. One had minimal damage and one had a landing gear torn off in a ground accident. Typical repairs that have been done for literally a hundred years now and...
  11. PTAirco

    Amboy fly in

    Last weekend. There is a long gravel strip near the semi-ghost town of Amboy, California. Located on the old Route 66, it's basically a gas station, motel, post office and not much else. Its 1950s neon sign is well-known and was lit up for the first time in decades. The whole place is slowly...
  12. PTAirco

    Microsft Flight Sim 2020

    Ok. I'm seriously impressed. I know, I know - I will need an insane computer and a superfast internet connection to really get the most out of this. But this is a quantum leap as far as I'm concerned. MSFS got me through my instrument rating and it was boring and tedious. For fun flying when...
  13. PTAirco

    Oil cooler installation

    My O-300 engine has had an oil cooler installed sometime in the distant past. A very experienced IA today pointed out something which he thought was curious: an oil line comes from the top of the engine from the oil gallery and continues back to the oil cooler. The oil goes through the cooler...
  14. PTAirco

    High Sierra Fly in

    Anyone going ? A friend of mine and I are likely to be attending, he's bringing a Carbon Cub and I'll be in the humble Maule. He's likely to compete in the STOL drag races. I'm definitely not, not with 145hp. Disappointed at the high cost of tickets - $125 per person. Which includes one...
  15. PTAirco

    Got my Chipmunk badge!

    Finally got a flight in a neighbor's Chipmunk. Very original, Gypsy engine. Let me actually fly the thing from take off to landing. Nicest handling aeroplane I have ever flown and that is no exaggeration.
  16. PTAirco

    STOL approaches

    I came across this a while ago. It's been exactly year since I got my Maule M4 and for most of that time I was not getting the most out of its capabilities. (Landing capabilities - it only has an O-300 so take offs are less than spectacular.) I have played with the ideas put forward in this...
  17. PTAirco

    Sealing crankcase halves.

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on this. My Continental A65 manual does not specify any form of sealant, gasket or thread between the case halves. A film from the 1940s detailing the overhaul of one of these does show the application of some kind of unspecified sealant. Is there a better...
  18. PTAirco

    UL engine options

    Doodling up a decent legal UL has been a backburner project for me for years. My engine choice has always been the MZ201. 45hp, belt reduction, free air cooling and under 70lbs. Great engine but now the company appears to be owned by a Chinese company. Haven't had any word about delivery...
  19. PTAirco

    STOL take off technique

    I have watched countless videos of various people doing STOL take offs in taildraggers, from the average Joe to the Valdez guys. The technique currently in vogue is: Brakes on Full power Lift the tail Accelerate with the tail up Rotate hard, at the same time deploy flaps. It always struck me...
  20. PTAirco

    EAA solidworks download

    I discovered after rejoining the EAA after many years of absence that they offer a free download of Solidworks. I painfully dug my way through the mess of their webpages (how about a big button that says "DOWNLOAD"?) I signed up for it, got the key etc emailed to me. Somehow I found the the...