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    Commercial air traffic jams

    Had to fly back out to Nuevo México for a funeral this weekend, and while sitting in the cattle car looking out the port hole, wishing (again) I had invested in a PPL, I started the old habit of scanning for other traffic, and noticed... a lot of it. On each leg, I saw multiple other...
  2. J

    The 30 minute homebuilt airplane

    Something to do with the kids on a rainy Sunday.
  3. J


    Does anyone have a physical properties sheet on their line of soy based resins? Looked thru their website and aircraft-spruce's but there was only an MSDS for the kits. TIA, -James
  4. J

    EJ25 on Craigslist

    I didn't know where else to stick this but.... there is a junked EJ25 motor on CL fer' "cheap" on my local CL.. Cavat Emptor... ej25 suburu motor
  5. J

    Plane missing on the GA/AL line since Tuesday

    Plane bound for Eufaula missing - : News :depressed Small plane (sounds like a Cub or the like) with two souls aboard is missing around Lake Eufaula, AL. They are searching the water for it. If you are into that kind of thing, pray for a good outcome.
  6. J

    Timelapsed Nieuport 28 build. You will be mesmerized for 9:10.

    Build porn of a dude building a Nieuport 28 (donno who's kit) in his living room (and pool).
  7. J

    Symmetric airfoils?

    Hi, Next esoteric question. Is there any literature or thoughts available on fore-aft symmetrical airfoil profiles? Not chord line symmetric like laminar, but one where the leading and trailing halves of the profile cross-section are identical? Tried google but it doesn't do to well with...
  8. J

    Cage-like Pod. Metal or composite?

    A design question for the peanut gallery. Say you had a small rounded pod shaped fuselage/cockpit that is mostly open space (doors and plexi). Think Hughes OH-6/M500 helo structure. My instinct would be to build it as a "uni-body" type structure similar to the "A,B,C pillar" of "D"...
  9. J

    Did our part, took the kids up on a Tin Goose

    The EAA's Ford Tri-motor working gal was in town this weekend selling rides, so naturally we had to go. Weather was great and fun times were had by all.
  10. J

    'nother new guy...

    Hi there, Flew ultra lights for a while as a teenager many moons ago, now am interested in getting back into light very small aircraft both for business and recreational flying. This is a really good board, probably the best in internet land I've found for home-builders and aviation...