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  1. clanon

    Incredible: Journalists used machine learning to unmask secret surveillance flights

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/peteraldhous/hidden-spy-planes?utm_term=.hfo0bDy0x#.epJjVGOj3 https://www.buzzfeed.com/peteraldhous/spies-in-the-skies?utm_term=.oidwdpBwn#.bfVrN2qrb
  2. clanon

    Wind Energy generation...(news to me!)

  3. clanon

    NASA rare aircraft videos...

    http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/nasa-uploads-hundreds-of-rare-aircraft-films-to-youtube-1797119276 https://www.youtube.com/user/DrydenTV/videos
  4. clanon

    The Cambodian making airplanes from YouTube tutorials

  5. clanon

    REMEMBER to do it , prior to a flight...for good luck!

  6. clanon

    Restored Zero...

    https://twitter.com/AFP/status/879644249427333121 https://www.yahoo.com/news/dreaded-wwii-zero-fighter-takes-skies-over-japan-064559907.html
  7. clanon

    yet another ...flying car...

    the guy's "helmet" looks aerodinamic enough...LMAO. https://www.yahoo.com/news/dutch-firm-aims-deliver-first-flying-car-2018-041327365.html
  8. clanon

    Latvian daredevil in 'drone-diving' world first

    https://twitter.com/AFP/status/864058554898108416 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/afp/article-4506742/Riding-high-Toyota-eyes-flying-car-future.html
  9. clanon

    Donnie MacDermid story... (quite interesting , not much about his 14 planes.)

    Page 79 - Donnie MacDermid of Margaree Valley: "It could have been worse!" - Issue 73 - Cape Breton's Magazine : Cape Breton's Magazine Scamp 1I Ultra Light – Homebuilt « Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum PD: (The guy built everything with just one hand)
  10. clanon

    Airfoil "Actual Location" of Aerodynamic center...(How to find it)

    Just found this presentation making (i guess) a relationship between real AC and location of Thickness on the MAC... For the 23012 and the 64212 Is it the t/c ratio @30% on the 23012 moving the Actual Ac ahead and viceversa for the 64212 ? Is there an easy way of calculating this for a...
  11. clanon

    stronger than 4130...?

    http://www.bainitesteel.com/ That's it.
  12. clanon

    Stuttgart profile catalog Flapped Un-flapped airfoils... Why?

    Just wondering about the reason for some similar airfoils to use flaps and others not to...(on this catalog) May be Cm curve shape and after stall Cm ? Or is it just the way they tested these airfoils... Thankz
  13. clanon

    Tube monospar ; strut braced wing and root attachment point/s ?

    Just saw on REAA a post with this question bugging me for some time: Why for even the same wing (monospar ;lift struted) some choose the pined point low ; other at neutral axis ; some on the upper spar cap ; and some upper and lower. On the Kolbs i've seen all of them attachments points (and is...
  14. clanon

    AirplanePDQ weight estimations for an ultralight...

    Hi, just trying to get the real weights into every item at AirplanePDQ ; Fuselage weight seems too optimistic and my plane won't have avionics at all and controls weight seems too high for an ultralight...i have a very light engine ~60Lbs... The question is : "Is it okay to put your...
  15. clanon

    What is the max thickness for 2024 wingribs...

    Trying to make'em out of 2024t3 0.040"(all i could find here). Do you think i could bend'em with the traditional plywood ; hammer and flutting tool ? Thankz
  16. clanon

    Building aluminum ribs right over the spars...

    Is there a drawback on building the ribs "straigth over the spars (aluminum caps riveted to spars,aluminum truss) and foam pressure filled to add strength? haven't heard of it before... will it work?
  17. clanon

    Washout angle vs wing incidence angle...

    I don't seem to find a graph or formula to get the wing change in incidence at root due to washout angle... I'm about 7degrees wing root incidence on my design and planing on at least 2,6 degrees wash out on tip... Am i supposed to add washout angle/2 to my root incidence? Any help will be...
  18. clanon

    Corrected AoA and Cl for AR ...

    Hi,guys...I didn't find post about the corrections you're supposed to do for aspect ratio on the angles (from airfoil plot to rigging) -Induced AoA + section AoA. -Induced Cl + section Cl And how 0 lift angle should go (plus or minus) PS: i know is basic but it is important for me to get it...
  19. clanon

    Best L/D rigging angles...wich one?

    Hi, the question is really simple (i don't seem to find an simple answer): Where do i see my Best L/D angle on the rigging of the plane? - I have one of minimum drag for incidence.(Wing) -At the same angle fuse will be around 0 degrees.(minimum drag) -So...i'm supposed to have my best L/D angle...