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  1. jgnunn

    Pressure Recovery Wheel Pants

    I bought the sam james rv-10 pants for my 6.00 x 6 tires. Having cut them out and fitted them, they look fine. I too had bought the Vans RV-10 pants, but sold them because they were HUGE.
  2. jgnunn

    For Sale Fokker Dr1 Plans

    These are sold, already. Sorry.
  3. jgnunn

    For Sale Fokker Dr1 Plans

    These are Ron Sands plans. They have only been used for browsing through. These plans are astonishingly detailed. Great condition. $150 +ship. contact jgfnunn[at]hotmail.com
  4. jgnunn

    Galloping Ghost crash Reno 2011

    Something like this happened to one of the P-51's (Voodoo) at Reno a while back but fortunately after the G Loc the pilot recovered. Voodoo - 98 NCAR
  5. jgnunn

    First Submissions For the Calendar Photo Contest

    Here's my pic.
  6. jgnunn

    For Sale Heck of a deal if you live near Florida 30" Brake and Roller Combo $369.00

    FYI: a new version of this is available at harbor freight for $399. Pickup locally. current coupon code is SHOP20 for 20% off that, too.
  7. jgnunn

    For Sale Simpson Racing Harnesses For Sale

    2 Years back, I bought 2 sets from Simpson Racing. I have now come across an opportunity I can't pass up for a Silverman's set with ratchets. So these are for sale. They cost about $360+/pair, I will accept $140, inc shipping for the pair . These are brand new, and were test-fitted one time...
  8. jgnunn

    Canopy Pressure Force

    Thanks guys. I do have an existing retaining mechanism that I will now keep; I thought it was a little too beefy so was looking for something lighter. I knew there was force acting upon the canopy, but I didn't realize it was so significant.
  9. jgnunn

    Canopy Pressure Force

    This is an off the wall question, but I figured someone may have an answer; does anyone know approximately what level of force is trying to pull a canopy off the plane in flight? I am in the middle of making a canopy mechanism for my Skybolt, and I stumbled across some light lever-type latches...
  10. jgnunn

    1st time using T88

    Sometimes simple is the best way...having built my wings with T-88, I had tried various approaches, and the method I finally found myself using was: squeeze a long bead from each bottle on to scrap material, the beads being next to each other and the same length, then mix with a popsicle stick...
  11. jgnunn

    Boost Pump

    Good assumption. Crazy pricing. The boost pump needs to run around 24-25 PSI for the IO-360, I believe. There are many auto options out there, they just need a regulator with a return line and even tho some state they have open flow when the pump is off, I would still install a bypass and check...
  12. jgnunn

    Boost Pump

    For those guys running an injected engine with a high pressure boost pump...what pump model do you have? Is anyone running an automotive pump?
  13. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

  14. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    New/better pics here: Wheels/brakes
  15. jgnunn

    Jurca FW 190 performance numbers

    I was on this site looking for FW190 info Legend Of Aces Aviation, and I noticed the low performance numbers, considering there is 300hp on the nose of a relatively streamlined and light airplane? Thoughts? "The MJ-8 is a 75% scale Plans Built FW-190 replica Powered by a 300 HP radial Engine...
  16. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    Update: Reduced to $400 firm: The brake discs need replacing. I can get a better pic this weekend, if requested. I also have the brake pipes that travel up the legs (Skybolt standard shorter gear) that I will throw in the box. Vort: While I appreciate your concerns of buying secondhand...
  17. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    ..and there's me thinking someone would bite my hand off for these..
  18. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    Used Cleveland wheel assemblies, 6x600. Model 40-97A, including brake assemblies. I have the brake discs too, but they may need facing on a lathe..I dunno. $495 These are really high dollar if buying new. (secondhand example: Aircraft Parts and Salvage Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper) sorry...
  19. jgnunn

    Tire sizes

    does a 15x6.00x6 tire fit on the same wheel assembly as a regular 6.00x6?