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  1. Mark Schoening


    I notice some engine conversions claim more "thrust" with their engines. I always thought that with a given prop, a true 100 hp engine, of any type, would only swing that prop a certain max rpm. Allowing for a given exact same HP engine, say, 100 hp either direct drive or with a reduction unit...
  2. Mark Schoening

    motor mount offset for "P" factor

    I received a factory built motor mount for a Lycoming engine. Upon initial fitting I noticed almost a 2 inch offset to the right. Called the factory and was told, "yes, this is correct, it's built in for "P" factor. To my untrained eye, it seems excessive. This is a Zenith Cruzer with a 150...
  3. Mark Schoening

    For Sale Cassutt airframe

    Parting out a Cassutt : 17 ft wing, ailerons, complete airframe, cowlings, Lyc dynafocal mount, fuel tank, steel landing gear, misc parts. $2000. 715-499-2877
  4. Mark Schoening

    Lycoming engine gummed up?

    Recently acquired "Zero time" 0-320 lyc with logs, data plate, all seem to match. Was "overhauled" in 2004 by a A&P (passed away) in MN. Orange paint on cylinders indicate chrome cyls. Supposed to be "preserved" after overhaul. Purchased from guy who bought it thinking an air...
  5. Mark Schoening

    be aware:

    In the wake of the recent news that Dillsburg Aeroplane Works, the major American supplier of seamless 4130 aircraft tubing, is going out of business, Wicks Aircraft and Motorsports announced that it is now stocked full of 4130 tubing. Scott Wicks said, “In recent months we stocked up on bulk...
  6. Mark Schoening

    For Sale Cassutt project for sale

    Project for sale in N/Wis. see attached pics----has 17'3" wing (45%ply/ceconite cover), removeable motor mount for 0-320 lyc, wood prop, spinner, molds for cowling, canopy frame, and side panels, cleveland wheels & brakes, welded alum fuel tank, wheel pants, and almost all stuff to finish with...