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  1. StRaNgEdAyS

    Back but busy

    Hey all, Been away doing busy Dad type stuff. I'll be back on and off for a while, since I'll be busy helping to look after our new arrival Brianna Mackenzie born 04/05/06 (05/04/06 for you crazy folk across the pond)
  2. StRaNgEdAyS

    Orion, can you help me?

    I'm probably doing this the hard way, but then there's nothing new about that. I'm trying to get a coordinate file of the LS1 airfoil, I have the curve drawn out in Rhino, and I have 93 points nicely arranged around it, I want to know if there is an easy way to translate the points into x,y...
  3. StRaNgEdAyS

    Subaru 4cyl engine CAD model

    I just thought I'd put this up for those who may want it. I'm currently working (in my spare time) on drawing up an accurate Subaru 4cyl engine model for my aircraft designs 'cos I'm picky and I do like things to look right even on paper (CRT?). If anyone wants a copy of the finished file I...
  4. StRaNgEdAyS

    Hey Orion, you wouldn't happen to have...

    A basic model of a Subie engine would you? I have hunted for ages online without luck, I got a couple of pics, but nothing I can build a reliable model from. I did manage to get enough info to do an accurate valve cover (to practice the curve network thing on, you'd understand :D) and I've...
  5. StRaNgEdAyS

    Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

    I knew it would not be long before we started to see incidences of pilots doing things I doubt the would have done if they did not have a BRS. If this guy did not have the BRS in his aircraft I do not think he would have flown into these conditions. This is just one of a disturbing trend I have...
  6. StRaNgEdAyS

    Hydraulic or elecric for a prop?

    I just thought I'd throw a question out there and see what the general consensus is. I'm looking at using an MT prop over the IVO, I know the IVO is cheaper but every time I think of those blades getting warped to change pitch it gives me the willies, and that's an argument for a whole new...
  7. StRaNgEdAyS

    Lanier vacu-plane

    http://www.rexresearch.com/lanier/lanier.htm This is one that's waaaay out there.. Evidently it worked well, I cannot see me putting MY butt into one though. :gig:
  8. StRaNgEdAyS

    Pros and Cons of Aerodynamic balancing

    Was talking with a few builders at the last fly in and the subject came up regarding aerodynamic balancing of control surfaces. I intended to use aerodynamic balancing on my rudder and elevators. The people I spoke to who have it say if they were to do it again, they'd build without it and...
  9. StRaNgEdAyS

    Great Eastern Fly-in

    Hello all! Happy New Year! We have returned from out New Year's adventure somewhat sunburned (well extremely but who's counting?) and fairly tired (the dang air mattress kept going flat, I guess we gave it somewhat of a beating) but a good fun time was had by all. I took 3 rolls of film with...
  10. StRaNgEdAyS

    A little feedback for a lteere please

    A little feedback for a letter please Hey there all, It's a bit long, but I'd like a little feedback on an open letter to the Oz Public I'll send to the pollies and try to get published in our major newspapers. It's a first draft, and will likely need some refinement and/or expansion.
  11. StRaNgEdAyS

    Whle we're on the subject of animated videos...

    Have a look at these beauties. These are done from the recordings of Aces High II engagements, some of the instrumentation does not work (HSI in particular) in the recordings, they all work in the game of course, and you do not get external views in the fighters during flight, but you can view...
  12. StRaNgEdAyS

    Talk about a steep learning curve

    OMG my learning curve just got one helluva lot steeper! I just recieved from an aquaintance a copy of ANSYS ICEM CFD 5.0 Man is that gonna be an interesting tool once I figure out how to import stuff into it. One of the reasons I got it was so I can investigate areas of high pressure around...
  13. StRaNgEdAyS

    Coming soon to an airport near you

    Can you imagine this? What if that something was you're planning to commit adultery and your significant other was standing behind you, you'd be nervous too. I'm not so sure about this one, too much potential for misuse, misinterpretation or just plain discrimination.
  14. StRaNgEdAyS

    Introducing a panel builder and IFR questions

    I'm playing with a new toy. It's a cool panel builder I came across, I think it's great even if it only works in IE. http://www.epanelbuilder.com/index.htm Now I have this question as to what I need to fly IFR and ILS approaches in Australia. Can I do it in an experimental, and can I do it...
  15. StRaNgEdAyS

    Is it wide enough yet?

    Well, I've still got a few things to work out, but It looks like I'll be able to start building some significant stuff early next year. We will be moving to a place I will have room to build! :ban: I'll finally be able to move the stuff I've got in storage down and start the spars. I'm still...
  16. StRaNgEdAyS

    Spar Caps, Laminated vs Solid

    I'm looking into making a start on my spars soon and I have a couple of questions. The plans spar caps are stated as being a solid piece cut from a 2x2" section of stock. Most builders make them out of a pair of 2x1" sections glued together because AS&S don't supply 2x2's. I have the...
  17. StRaNgEdAyS

    The harsh face of reality

    I've wanted it soooo much. The thought of having that torquey 200hp V8 and 69" MT prop out there really does it for me. <insert drooling smiley here> However with the weight of 2" more shoulder width, 14" stretch, 26gal fuel, retracts PLUS around 460lbs of FWF* puts me well over the magic...
  18. StRaNgEdAyS

    Taylor Monoplane landing gear

    I just recieved from SpitfireBuilder91 the drawings for the Taylor Monoplane landing gear. Once again thank you very much for sending them to me.:) I have to say I'm impressed with the simplicity and the overall adaptability of the design. One thing I have noticed is that the mounting for the...
  19. StRaNgEdAyS

    Jodel variant crash

    Just read about a Jodel variant, a (factory built certified version) Robin DR250 loosing a wing in Galway Ireland killing its' occupants. Initial reports were that a wing departed the aircraft, but later accounts say that only a portion of the wing or a control surface broke off and some...
  20. StRaNgEdAyS

    Anyone fly in Aces High II?

    Hey all, I recently discovered an online WWII flight sim where you can fly in combat against a whole WORLD full of other people. The action is fast and relentless. Sometimes you need to shift bases when you spawn a new flight because you are under such intense bombardment you get fragged on the...