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  1. Wanttaja

    Criminal law against flying without license ?

    "The FAA has authority to issue orders assessing a civil penalty of up to $400,000 against persons other than individuals and small business concerns and up to $50,000 against individuals and small business concerns. "...
  2. Wanttaja

    Pete Bowers other Flybaby

    Pete mentioned a potential parasol wing in his first Fly Baby article in Sport Aviation: "Later on, when it was decided to use three different wing arrangements for versatility, the designation was expanded to "Fly Baby 1A" for the low-wing design, "IB" for the same fuselage with a new set of...
  3. Wanttaja

    Pete Bowers other Flybaby

    It was indeed a special airplane...and one has to dress up when flying it. Ron Wanttaja
  4. Wanttaja

    Boeing - Design Issues...

    David Horsey's cartoon in today's Seattle Times sums it up pretty well. Ron Wanttaja
  5. Wanttaja

    Legal question about copyright

    Seems to me that if copyright was an issue, Boeing would be suing all the makers of P-51 kits.... Ron “know your corporate history” Wanttaja
  6. Wanttaja

    Help - Buying Used ADS-B - Scams / Duds / Junk

    Check if they got the WIFI password for the unit. You need it for setup. If they don't have the password, it's probably stolen. Ron Wanttaja
  7. Wanttaja

    EAA Forum

    In any case, it's back up. Ron Wanttaja
  8. Wanttaja

    EAA Forum

    Bill, Floats, and 2ndsegment got into a flame war, and the site imploded. :-) Ron "just kidding" Wanttaja
  9. Wanttaja

    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    To quote Bill Lear, "You can't stand up in a Cadillac, either...." Ron "I can in my airplane" Wanttaja
  10. Wanttaja

    The Future of Air Travel

    Suborbital flight has a tremendous advantage, design-wise, over orbital flight. The speeds are much slower, simplifying the heat problem. An ICBM is sub-orbital, but nothing says a sub-orbital vehicle has to land at Mach 5. You can slow it up aerodynamically or using thrust in such a way to...
  11. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    Bit of a come-down in performance, though... :) Most homebuilts are sized to fit the designer, but at least Pete Bowers was the same height you are. Tallest Fly Baby pilot I know of is 6'6", but he did some cockpit mods to give him a bit more legroom...
  12. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    Are you referring to the National Association of Sport Aircraft Designers (NASAD), or some other group? Other than NASAD (which has been gone a long time), I'm not aware of any such formal evaluation group in the US. Pete Bowers had a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and he claimed the Fly...
  13. Wanttaja

    Request to test the Clutton FRED web site

    Looked good on Kindle Fire.... Ron Wanttaja
  14. Wanttaja

    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Yup, my bad. Ron Wanttaja
  15. Wanttaja

    Boeing - Design Issues...

    The other factor to be mindful of is that Boeing is contemplating shutting down 787 construction in Washington state and making them all in North Carolina. The affected planes were all made in South Carolina. [Edit: Changed "North" to "South".] Ron Wanttaja
  16. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    Happened to come across this picture of Jim Piavis with his Boredom Fighter. This was taken in February 2007. Ron Wanttaja
  17. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    What is this "rated" of which you speak? Ron Wanttaja
  18. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    Not that I am aware of. There have only been a dozen or so biplane Fly Babies built. The (stock) biplane has about 25% more wing area than the monoplane (for something like a ~30 pound weight increase) so there'd be some wiggle room. The biplane uses four panels that are ~75% the size of the...
  19. Wanttaja

    Don Wolf W11 Boredom Fighter

    [Cough] Allow me to mention another 1960s wooden biplane: The Bowers Bi-Baby.... There was one built in the UK, one of those currently flying (in monoplane configuration) as a Junkers CL1 replica. Ron Wanttaja
  20. Wanttaja

    Hogan's Heroes: Col. Klink's aeroplanes

    Sounds like Al Jolson's post-WWI song, "I've Got My Captain Working for Me Now": Ron Wanttaja