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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Just caught up on the last 10 pages of the Raptor funnies. Geez, am I glad the internet wasn`t there when Piper built the J3. The airplane that is so safe and easy to fly, it can barely kill you....
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    HAHAHAHAHA.........I had the same experience with my university ride, a car called a VW Golf diesel . Same car, different name. All of 1500cc. Very econommical, 27 km/l at 100 km/h. Erik in Oz.
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    Liquid cooling

    She sure is pretty..... Erik in Oz.
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    Forum made EFI?

    Hello listers A bit off topic, and I apologise for that, But: If you need a get-me-home reserve fuel system, please tell me if you think the following will work: If you have an injected engine, and you want an independent emergency system, use a carburetor with the throat the correct size for...
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    Greetings from Tucson!

    As opposed to....a day owl? Sorry, couldn't resist... Erik in Oz.
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Dog, care to elaborate? I am a mining guy, know sweet blue about new development in battery technology. Erik in Oz.
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere!!! E7600x4=certainly expensive, but LOTS cheaper than the Chech engine on the Sonex jet!! Thanks, Blackhawk, for the info. Erik in Oz (Parkes, NSW)
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    6 of the 250N jobbies put out 337 pounds of thrust....same as the Turbomeca Palas turbine popular with the mini-jets...What do these little fans cost? Erik in Oz.
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Blackhawk, Where in Q/land are you? Brizzie? Erik.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Terrible news. Please accept my condolences to his family and friends. Erik in Oz.
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    Foam ribs with plywood capstrips?

    I used gaint scale RC servos for the autopilot for the 2 years that it was install. but now I have been using servos for elevator trim and they are higher quality and can be bought for use when using the RC square wave pulse train that I used in the autopilot . Used these in the SSSC and...
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    Where to find STOL aircraft plans for sale?

    Hello Greg Where abouts in the central west? I am in Parkes. I would love to come look at your VP some time. The first plane I built was a VP-2. Erik in Oz.
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    IO-470 VO turbo Continental

    Hello Listers I have a Continental IO-470 VO, that I want to turbo charge. A few questions for the collective wisdom, if I may: 1. What turbo should I use? Name, number and aircraft/engine this turbo comes from? 2. What should the compression ratio be for a turbo on this engine? 3. What is the...
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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    Just build a Squalus jet then. Looks very similar. Erik in Oz
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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    Does the funny script in post 487 show up for all? Sorry, don`t know the reason for it. Erik.
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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    The next town from me has a Vampire mounted on a pole in a park. I never go past the plane without stopping to look at it. Erik.
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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    To be safe, I am labeling this OFF TOPIC: I realise where the pusher prop design on a pseudo jet fits the discussion, but, and this is a BIG but: Why not do the 2/3 Vampire with a 75N minijet, and live with the consequences, like short range, etc. I, for one, don`t think I will ever be happy to...
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    Tinbuzard - One off design

    Tinbuzzard, Beautiful work, mate. Now, may I be so bold as to ask that, when you finish the plane, will you build me one? .....wait, I`m 56 now, plus 40 years building time....no, don`t worry.... :>) Erik in Oz.
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    The big video topic

    Snow is just converted water, anyway....
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    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    `S true. Many would! Erik in Oz.