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  1. J

    Oh, I have slipped the surley bonds of earth..

    I haven't been over here much lately, but I'm sure some of the regulars will remember who I am. I'm happy to announce that, after just over 5 years building, Cozy IV plans # 757, powered by a Mazda 13B turbo rotary engine, danced the skies this morning in a short but sucessful flight. I've...
  2. J

    Forum down

    The forum was down for a day earlier this week because of a problem with the server. As you may know, Jake's off learning to fly for the Army, so Capt. John & I are keeping an eye on things. Apologies for any inconvienience. Everything should tick along normally, now that the server...
  3. J

    Registration and Airworthyness

    Registration and Airworthiness Could someone who's been through this walk me through the procedure? Maybe we can build a thread of useful knowledge on this issue. Here's what I think I know so far... 1. Obtain an N number reservation. The FAA have added a nice utility for searching for...
  4. J

    Wanted - nav/com 14v w glide slope

    I'm looking for a good used KX155 or similar and a LOC/GS CDI. Also need a GPS. Anyone have something on their shelf they'd like to sell?
  5. J

    Meigs Field is no more

    Meigs field was bulldozed last night under the cover of darkness and without FAA approval or warning. see http://www.aopa.org/whatsnew/newsitems/2003/03-1-157x.html Anyone wishing to express their disgust can email the Mayor at http://www.ci.chi.il.us/Mayor/mayorfeedback.html Our...
  6. J

    What to build?

    Builders It occurs to me that prospective builders might use this forum to help them decide what to build, so lets give them some help. First let me stand up and admit that my name is John, and I'm an epoxy addict. Everyone say "hello John". OK, now we've got that over with.... I'm building...
  7. J

    Junkyard wars - building an airplane in 2 days

    Junkyard wars will air an airplane building contest tomorrow (sunday 3/9) evening at 8pm on TLC channel. Teams get 2 (or is it 3) days to build a working airplane. Should be interesting to watch!
  8. J

    Used Nav / Com

    I'm looking for a good used nav com, ideally with a vor and glide slope indicator.
  9. J

    Making a cowling from scratch

    It's all done, Jake. Trim paint and all. Take a look at my web site. It's all there in excruciating detail. This job was a lot of fun. See http://www.kgarden.com/cozy/cowl.htm The cheeks on my cowl don't protrude past the line of the fuselage, so there "ought" to be more air to the prop. I...
  10. J

    controlling multiple posts in multiple media

    Refering to a post in the section on finishing.... >I personally am grateful that he posted it. Well yes, so am I. It's good stuff and everyone who's going to be doing composite finishing can gain from reading it. However.... if we all post everything we know everywhere we go, the medium's...
  11. J

    ITEAA is born

    A new organization, http://www.iteaa.org has started up to represent people in areas that the EAA has choosen to largely ignore - namely airplane building! ITEAA has begun a small mail list. I've suggested to them that early on would be a good time to move to a forum, and a subsection of...
  12. J

    Installing a "bitchin betty" voice annunciator

    I've just finished installing my voice annunciator. I'm so impressed with the quality, simplicity and value for money that I thought I'd mention it in case other builders were considering one of these neat little gizmos. I got the unit from Cozy Builder, Rick Lewis who's listed in the Cozy...
  13. J

    View new posts

    Jake, where's the "view new posts" button. I find this very handy on other forums, but can't see it on you're main page.
  14. J

    13B turbo in a Cozy IV

    I'm in the process of configuring a 2 rotor, 3rd generation 13B Mazda engine in my Cozy IV. The engine is mounted, the cowlings are done, the redrive and fuel injection computer are in place. I'm waiting for the intake which is being built by Bruce Turrentine. If you're interested in the rotary...
  15. J


    Hi, After just under 4 years work, I'm almost done building a Cozy IV. I'm working on wiring, upholstery and the engine installation. The plane is pretty much per plans except that it has a turbo mazda rotary engine. My building experience including decisions, mistakes, triumphs and...