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    The forums you follow

    Matronics has a lot of aviation forums, but most see little to no activity. The exception is the aeroelectric forum, which is quite active and where most of the homebuilt wiring / electronics action seems to take place. Other than that and some of the groups.io engine forums that migrated over...
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    Any artists on the Forum ???

    I get the impression this forum is a watering hole for Engineering types. Typically not your best bet for artistic talent (Scott Adams excepted). There are online portals like upwork.com where it's possible to hire folks who can actually draw, at reasonable rates. I know I use etsy.com quite a...
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    Darrol Stinton's statement on wing AR(aspect ratio) for minimum induced drag

    My paperback 2nd Edition defines K and K' on page 128. He defines K as the 'induced drag factor' and basically 1/e, where e is the Oswald efficiency factor. He states "Generally speaking e = 0.7 to 0.8, making the induced drag factor K = 1.2 to 1.4 for many light aeroplanes." He then states...
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    Electric SSDR Motor Glider

    There are already a few such planes in production, so it's certainly feasible. For example: Pipistrel Taurus Electro Totally electric, has it's own solar-charging trailer. Available now ready-to-fly. Kitplanes also lists it as an E-AB kit, but I've never come across any information on that...
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    Control via Hydraulics

    What do you lose with new technology? Hydraulics are great for airliners where even Hercules couldn't move the ailerons at 450 knots. Fly-by-wire is great for twitchy fighter planes that can maneuver at 7G and where the recommended procedure for control failure is to pull the lever that ignites...
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    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    Or find a transflective display. That way you're not burning out backlights trying to compete with the Sun. Let the Sun do the work. Nits are only important if you're limited to transmissive displays.
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    Does this aircraft have any use?

    A fundamental problem with the "birdman" planform is that humans are not birds. We don't have eyes in the sides of our head and we normally sit or stand, which is why humans tend to be more comfortable flying feet-first like in Jedi's avatar. Neither do we have the nervous system needed to...
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    Control via Hydraulics

    I hope not. I have to bleed the brakes on my mountain bikes on a regular basis, get even a little of that mineral oil on the pads and they squeal like banshees, and they're almost impossible to repair in the field. Between hydraulic brakes and 1X drive-trains bicycles have been going backwards...
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    Does this hole significantly weaken this structure?

    On the bright side, your empty weight has gone down and your useful load up :pilot:
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    Prop Speed

    I'll take a stab at it, though I'm no expert: all else being equal as in your question, the plane turning at 2000 RPM will be faster because a coarse prop is more efficient at higher velocities. As far as I know though, it's impossible to say for sure in a real scenario without knowing the...
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    Automatic control hookups

    Here's how the Europa does it:
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    Folks who want $5K airplanes typically do so for one reason: they have no money. Furthermore, they typically want to fly for one of two reasons: to soar like a bird, or get somewhere. Even if you deliver a ground-breaking $5K ultralight, most of these folks won't buy. The noise, hassle and...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    100 million more people or thereabouts in the country since 50 years ago, half of whom are below the median human IQ. Actually, this is the best of times and the worst of times for FAA regulation. IMO, on one hand the FAA is in a slight panic over the decline in GA activity as the older pilot...
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    What is an affordable ultralight?

    Easy, cheap, unregulated fun without a lot of hassle. That was ground-breaking, and that's why 'fat ultralights' took off (in every sense) a few decades ago. (Given the $5K-$15K price point, I presume we're talking U.S. Ultralights, not the LSA-type found elsewhere in the world.) Within...
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    I want to get the maximum thrust out of less than 2kw of power.

    Reminds me of another thread from long ago, when some guy wanted to fly his girlfriend among the drifting clouds in an inexpensive two-stroke ultralight. It's a beautiful dream, but sadly they eventually figure out that nothing screams romance like an unmuffled 10000 RPM 2-stroke turning a...
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    What happens to the fly ?

    Not sure about the fly going out, but from personal experience at least 90% of the bees that fly IN via my drivers side window and then get accelerated quite quickly to freeway speed not only survive the experience but become quite agitated by their participation in the physics experiment.
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    Plans format preferences and pricing

    Personally, I prefer both. All of my Zenith drawings are on Engineering B-Size (Tabloid / 11"x17") paper, which is a very convenient format for storing in a binder, flipping through in the shop, and reviewing carefully in my easy chair to minimize the number of errant holes later in the shop...
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    75 % full KLM 777-300

    Apparently the airlines will soon be in serious trouble: Most airlines could be bankrupt by May.
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    No one can explain WHY planes fly...

    You geniuses are missing the most important point in the article: Albert Einstein--you know, that guy who came up with special relativity and general relativity--attempted to explain lift in 1916. And failed. Later, he called it a "youthful folly". But most importantly, he actually designed an...
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    Garmin's Autoland System

    As both a sailboat and glider guy, I have to say it's not so much the primitive technology but the fact that I need both hands to control it. That prevents the "here, hold my beer and watch this" stunts that I occasionally see from the power folks. (Sorry, couldn't resist :-) ) Back on topic...