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  1. jgnunn

    For Sale Fokker Dr1 Plans

    These are Ron Sands plans. They have only been used for browsing through. These plans are astonishingly detailed. Great condition. $150 +ship. contact jgfnunn[at]hotmail.com
  2. jgnunn

    For Sale Simpson Racing Harnesses For Sale

    2 Years back, I bought 2 sets from Simpson Racing. I have now come across an opportunity I can't pass up for a Silverman's set with ratchets. So these are for sale. They cost about $360+/pair, I will accept $140, inc shipping for the pair . These are brand new, and were test-fitted one time...
  3. jgnunn

    Canopy Pressure Force

    This is an off the wall question, but I figured someone may have an answer; does anyone know approximately what level of force is trying to pull a canopy off the plane in flight? I am in the middle of making a canopy mechanism for my Skybolt, and I stumbled across some light lever-type latches...
  4. jgnunn

    Boost Pump

    For those guys running an injected engine with a high pressure boost pump...what pump model do you have? Is anyone running an automotive pump?
  5. jgnunn

    Jurca FW 190 performance numbers

    I was on this site looking for FW190 info Legend Of Aces Aviation, and I noticed the low performance numbers, considering there is 300hp on the nose of a relatively streamlined and light airplane? Thoughts? "The MJ-8 is a 75% scale Plans Built FW-190 replica Powered by a 300 HP radial Engine...
  6. jgnunn

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    Used Cleveland wheel assemblies, 6x600. Model 40-97A, including brake assemblies. I have the brake discs too, but they may need facing on a lathe..I dunno. $495 These are really high dollar if buying new. (secondhand example: Aircraft Parts and Salvage Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper) sorry...
  7. jgnunn

    Wittman Gear Sockets

    Hi. Regarding the Wittman/RV style gear socket/tubes integral to the engine mount: These sockets generally either have a sleeve inside each end, or the center section in the tube is ground bigger. Is this approach for lightness only? Or, is there an engineering reason for this, e.g. the...
  8. jgnunn

    Wittman/RV gear

    Does anyone know what material is used for the sockets the tapered spring steel legs slot into? 4130N?
  9. jgnunn

    Deceleration numbers

    When you are moving at say, 60 knots, and you hit a brick wall, what level of force in g's would a pilot be exposed to? and.. what level of g's are typically survivable? I once decelerated from 146mph to 0 in <1 sec, during a nasty parachute canopy opening...
  10. jgnunn

    G-meter plus turn & bank for sale

    $100 each, or $160 for the pair, inc shipping. http://www.biplaneforum.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1677
  11. jgnunn

    Gas tank fuel gauge

    Hi all. I have a 30 gal tank which sits behind the firewall. It has a flop tube installed. It has a sight gauge, but cannot be seen from the rear cockpit. I may have to somehow run alum tube /sight gauge to the rear cockpit and back, but I prefer an electric gauge with sender unit. Trouble is...
  12. jgnunn

    steam gauges for sale

    Turn and bank 3 1/8" $120 Accelerometer 3 1/8" $120 Manifold Pressure 3 1/8" $75 not firm. Also looking for 3 1/8 alti for possible trade. Nice Dell laptop. $300. PM for details.
  13. jgnunn

    Red Line Numbers

    Does anyone know the tach red line for an Lyc IO-360 angle valve? I am currently marking the faces on my gauges...
  14. jgnunn

    T&B and Accelerometer For Sale

    Used. Working G-meter. $140 + ship. It was going back in my panel, but I am redesigning the panel and this 3" 1/8 doesn't fit. also have a 3 1/8" vacuum T & B indicator for sale out of the same Skybolt. $190. Buy both and shipping is on me. contact: webby (at) biplaneforum.com
  15. jgnunn

    Turn & Bank Solid State

    I was looking at solid state AI's for an acro plane, but they cost a pretty penny, I then came across this solid state T&B which could be turned off for funky manoeuvres...or does it even need to be turned off being solid state? http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/trutrak3.php The...
  16. jgnunn

    GPS remote antenna

    i have a Airmap 600c that I am panel mounting. I have the RAA-3 passive remote antenna for it. This looks like a black square piece of plastic about 3" x 3" x 3/8, to be mounted in a suitable external location. Being on the outside in full view, can this be painted to match the aircraft?
  17. jgnunn

    bubble canopy question

    I plan to remove whats left of the plastic film, inspect deeper / buff out some light scratches, and re-film. 1. The plastic protective film looks like it has been on the bubble for years, it will not peel off in large chunks. Anyone know what solvent is safe to break it down? 2. What...
  18. jgnunn

    My build update

    just thought I'd post what I've been doing on my project lately: http://www.65degrees.net/skybolt/index.asp?idPage=283 clamping a gusset with a sliver of wood under tension.... Next, I focused upon the tip bow. First I fitted the small nose rib at the outboard end. I decided to brace this...
  19. jgnunn

    which paint for chromolly?

    I want a top coat over the 2-part epoxy primer that won't react to solvents of the fabric process. I would like to get this paint from an auto body supply, what type of paint do i ask for?
  20. jgnunn

    which TIG?

    It seems there is a vast array of choices and prices..some look too cheap....maybe someone can elighten me on what not to buy. Here is an example that seems too cheap...