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  1. fly2kads

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I sometimes think that a RF-3 or RF-4 would be right up my alley. I think it would be loads of fun to do some lazy thermal hopping and playing around on a nice summer day.
  2. fly2kads

    The Plank Flies!

    That's great! So it would seem that Mike fixed the things he was unhappy with before. I hope he returns here to HBA to fill us in on the details!
  3. fly2kads

    Culver Cadet LCA-90 Auction

    Yes, they are that tiny. That airplane looks to be about as good of a "barn find" as you're going to get.
  4. fly2kads

    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    Yes, he did a bang-up job on that!
  5. fly2kads

    Custom made AN hardware?

    Does it have to be a bolt, or could you use a double-ended threaded stud? It may be easier to make, if you can't find one off the shelf.
  6. fly2kads

    What are you designing, building, flying or interested in?

    I am primarily interested in small single-seaters flown just for fun. I especially like older, classic homebuilts, including many of the all-wood, VW-powered variety. I plan to start building something next summer, after I finish restoring my 1966 VW Beetle. Front runners at the moment are the...
  7. fly2kads

    Simple handmade propeller

    Eric Clutton's little book, Propeller Making for the Amateur, is another good resource. It has nomographs from NACA data for design, and lots of practical advice on construction, finishing, and balancing.
  8. fly2kads

    Flaglor Scooter ?

    I believe it's just the stock, mechanical VW fuel pump.
  9. fly2kads

    Flaglor Scooter ?

    A couple of things I noticed in the article from the Massachusetts builder: he has stall strips on the wings; that he refers to himself at 200 lbs. as "heavier built Americans." My, how times (and people) change!
  10. fly2kads

    Thanks for letting me in

    Mr. Ord-Hume received my letter, and replied via email today. His email address has apparently changed, which is why he didn't receive my original inquiry. He has plans available, so I will be ordering a set. He said he redrew the plans about 20 years ago, after the LAA somehow lost his...
  11. fly2kads

    Flaglor Scooter ?

    The basic fuselage structure is all wood. The only steel tube is the exposed forward strut and engine mount. The fuel tank on top of the forward fuselage is aluminum, and the nose cap is fiberglass.
  12. fly2kads

    Kitfox 4 project completed

    Congratulations! Here's to safe and happy flying....
  13. fly2kads

    Shooting Through Gaps in Salt River Mountains

    That was really cool. It was fun to hear him talk through some of his decision-making. It would have been nice to hear him call out his airspeeds a little more often. There were a few times he was really moving along. Some of the local DFW-area soaring pilots have found a spot in Oklahoma where...
  14. fly2kads

    What can happen

    Ah, ok!
  15. fly2kads

    History Of The Limbach Engine

    I like the custom cylinder head with the intake coming up through the valve cover!
  16. fly2kads

    What can happen

    Cooling baffles, sort of like on Pop's VW, seen in this post: Just talking about VWs
  17. fly2kads

    What can happen

    It may not be that simple. Each builder assigns their own serial number when they register their aircraft with the FAA, and it can be anything they want. The individual builder is the manufacturer in the FAA's eyes, even if the aircraft was built from a kit. In the close up pics of the engine...
  18. fly2kads

    what ignition systems are people using for VW engines?

    Ross, from SDS, has helped at least one customer with a hand-prop application. It was for a Continental GPU, but the capability should be applicable to a VW, too. See this thread: Continental 4A084 SDS EFI Installation I would like to see this feature in his CPI-2 product, myself.
  19. fly2kads

    Thanks for letting me in

    There is a newsreel video on YouTube showing him tinkering with G-AFIR, the pre-war Minor he rebuilt, leading to the development of the LA.4a. The video is titled as being from 1953, and the narrator states that Mr. Ord-Hume is 21 years old. That would make him roughly 88 at present. I thought...
  20. fly2kads

    Thanks for letting me in

    I sent an email to Mr. Ord-Hume at the email address that was on the LAA spec sheet for the Minor, and haven't received a reply. I just sent an old-school letter via USPS and the Royal Mail, and we'll see what I get back. I also recently received a copy of a couple of Mr. Ord-Hume's books, one...