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  1. WBNH

    Sindlinger 5/8-scale Hawker Hurricane

    One of my many future daydreams. My great Uncle was RAF...was lost in an early (2 blade prop) Hurricane in 1940 - Battle of France - over Vollezele Belgium. He was shot down by a BF109 of JG 26...the famous "Yellow-noses"...later nicknamed 'the Abbeyville Boys". No pictures that I can...
  2. WBNH

    Take off technique

    Don't know if it was already mentioned (didn't read every line)...but I think the off-field guys are generally trying to get the nose down quickly on takeoff to see obstacles ahead, not necessarily trying to get the tail up.
  3. WBNH

    Flying Car ?

    I'm in NH, and Terrefugia...before the sale...used to test their roadable at Pease, the former AFB next to my place...was fun to watch...but I never anticipated they would sell any. Then they sold the company. Live Free or Die is taken seriously...I'm sure we'll be the last state in the...
  4. WBNH

    Ultralight Biplanes

    Some TigerCub history I bookmarked years ago...good and somewhat sad read. But the design and construction method led to the Sherwood Ranger...so some legacy there. the first tiger cub microlight | Model Flying
  5. WBNH

    Air Cam / CH-750 love child ....

    Zenith already did a low wing twin...the Gemini...so they already have a twin-tractor cantilever wing in their repertoire. Now to do it on the SuperDuty....
  6. WBNH

    ...any one you can walk away from

    Great job, thanks for sharing. And I'm glad the chapter is eager to jump in and hit reset on her. An airborne Sonex is a terrible place to say "it's quiet...too quiet..." Hope you correctly diagnose and remedy the issue.
  7. WBNH

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    A post of this crash already appears above...but I couldn't get that link to open. I hope they determine what might have been the cause. https://airshowstuff.com/v4/2020/twin-tigers-pilot-mark-nowosielski-among-two-killed-in-georgia-crash/
  8. WBNH

    Name this Rib

    Looks to me to be a Roger Mann thing, Ragwing Ultra Piet-ish. Inner structure of the tail is different than I've seen on Ultra Piets, but could be another of his.
  9. WBNH

    Weird Fords...

    Didn't want to dig up an old Weird planes thread. This documentary mentions a couple of other Ford designs (Stout designs) that seem to have been completely forgotten. A tandem wing, twin engine amphibian (never flew), and a flying wing... Skip to 30:45 and they both go by fast. Not...
  10. WBNH

    Some fun vintage reading, light aircraft - Lympne trials...

    https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1923/1923 - 0610.html Some of the Lympne competitors... I think the Gannet could resurface...Perhaps Robert Baslee-style....
  11. WBNH

    New Guy From New Hampshire

    Portsmouth here. Probably not the cheapest or nearest options, but both Hampton and Pease have LSA's. J3/L4 at Hampton. CHI Aerospace at Pease has 3 RV12's, Ercoupe, and CTLS. Hampton rents for solos...I have to assume CHI Aerospace does as well...I haven't visited them yet myself. A...
  12. WBNH

    Woods "Windy" pusher design

    When I was like 11 or 12...1986 or so, I wrote Harris Woods' widow, enamored with the Windy...seeking plans. I still have the Kitplanes issue that highlighted six or so of his designs and gave her address for inquiries back then. I was very kindly written back that the only plans available at...
  13. WBNH

    Craigslist today..

    CX4...so much better looking in fastback... https://nh.craigslist.org/avo/d/manchester-2016-thatcher-cx4/6909560887.html
  14. WBNH


    Thanks for the clarification. For some reason I conflated it, thinking it was to have a bench behind the pilot like the Dyke Delta. Usually when it comes to aircraft I can trust my recollection, happy to be corrected (don't like spreading disinformation.) Always wished there were more Facets...
  15. WBNH


    Always an intriguing design. Interesting the chapter is going with Graham Lee / Airdrome Aeroplanes style construction. The original was welded steel I believe. Will be interested to see how they handle entry/egress. The original had a trap door in the floor you had to crawl up in to. A...
  16. WBNH

    Move to Xenforo

    Not disliking the new site...but I was kind of proud of how the old one said "Member since 2006" by the icon...still does when you click on it however...so ego's sated. ;)
  17. WBNH

    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    Assuming these are still essentially the MiniMax wings* (I thought that's the pattern Fritz was following), Team sells FG Rounded or Drooped tips for under 300 bucks. https://www.teammini-max.com/online-store/fiberglass-parts/miscellaneous-fiberglass-parts/ Maybe George Sychrovsky is...
  18. WBNH

    Replica home builts

    That Taube replica was reportedly not the best flyer. Dick Starks of the KC Dawn Patrol had a write up about it somewhere I can't find right now. It was donated to a museum for static display...
  19. WBNH

    My heart is doing flip-flops over and over.

    Classic. Once fished up in Canada. Flew commercial from Boston/Logan to Toronto then Winnipeg. Drove over to Red Lake, Ontario and hopped a Beech 18 on Floats to Birch Lake. No seats...just jump benches on either side. Other than the Trimotor ride at Oshkosh, it was the coolest vintage...
  20. WBNH

    For Sale As Seen On BARNSTORMERS

    Rather surprised this is so inexpensive. Who wouldn't want one of these over an RV3 and the like? SPORT SPITFIRE • $18,000 • FOR SALE • Sport Spitfire 6/10 scale Spitfire built from John Isaacs plans (UK) All wood plane with 23’ wingspan Jabiru 3300, 120 hp, 760# empty VFR with GRT Eis...