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    Merry Christmas and God Bless our Troops!

    Merry Christmas fellas and dont forget our men and women in uniform overseas. Let's Say Thanks US Navy Drill Team The Navy video is in honor of my Dad whom spent WW2 as a young man on a Destroyer (USS Braine DD-630) in the South Pacific and retired 30yrs later as a Master Chief Petty...
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    Cost, Availability or Plans Specified?

    My previous Poll indicated which Plywood 's are most often used by builders here. What it doesn't indicate is, why? In an effort to further clarify why folks are choosing the Plywoods they do I thought another Poll would be helpful. So, what then is the 'reason' for you choosing the wood that...
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    Which Wood for Plywood Ribs?

    When plans only call out for 1/4" Aircraft or Marine grade plywood, which of the many available plywoods have you used or are planning to use? Thanks Mike
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    Wing Rib Warpage

    I'm in the process of learning what I can about building wood wings. I've read that some folks are concerned that their 1/4" ply ribs soon warped after making them. Is this something I should expect to happen? Does it pose a problem or are the ribs straightened out when the wings are glued...
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    Which Router for ribs?

    I'm looking to buy a router for making wood ribs. They all seem like they'll do a good job. Has anyone with experience routing out wood ribs have any advice for which particular router to use? Thanks Mike
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    Air compressor hose

    Those with an air compressor, is there a type/brand of air hose that you prefer? How about legnths? I have an Ingersoll Rand 60gal. in a 20 x 23ft. shop. Thanks Mike
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    Build Sequence

    My project is going to be a radial powered (Rotec R-2800) Spacewalker II. Here is something I posted at the Spacewalker Yahoo Group and I would also like your guys opinion on the subject. Thanks Part of the fun of building from plans is that unlike assembling a kit that has a specific build...
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    EAA Sport Aviation Archive Now Available Online

    This is a tremendous resource of information and a guaranteed hours long session on the computer. http://www.eaa.org/news/2008/2008-05-22_sacd.asp Mike
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    'Must have' Shop tools

    For you Tube and Fabric guys. What power tools (or others) due you consider essential for your 'hanger shop'. I think a Drill press (the lower the RPM the better), bench top Grinder, a Sander (1", 4"? and a 6-8" disk?), TIG welder (one with low amps and a Pulser for the newer guys, Lincoln...
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    Lincoln SQ TIG 175 Pro or Precision TIG 185?

    For the amatuer homebuilder/hobbyist/handyman that will mainly be using it for TIG welding a 4130 steel tube fuse, given a choice, is it worth the extra expense to have the features of a PT 185 or is the SQ 175 'just ok' enough? Thanks Mike
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    EAA 'Hints for Homebuilders' Video's

    The EAA has announced a new series of video's to assist builders that may be helpful to those here new to building or not, check it out. “EAA has always been about sharing knowledge among members, and these new video tips are just another way of doing that, taking advantage of the...
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    Chop Saw?

    What do you use to cut 4130 tube? I dont mean fishmouthing to fit but rather just cutting pieces to legnth. A chop saw with a metal cutting blade, hacksaw, maybe a Ginso knife?:gig: Mike
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    Size of welding cylinders

    I want to practice O/A welding 4130 tube for awhile before getting into TIG. I already have everything to Gas weld except the gas itself (purchased Tinmantech's 4130 kit #3) . I went to my local Airgas store to buy or rent O/A cylinders and was advised by the salesman that since I just wanted to...
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    New 'Gallery' section?

    Ok, that as wierd. I was just reading a thread in the design area when I somehow stumbled into a 'members gallery' section. I didn't know there was one. So I closed it out to go to the main page to find the 'Gallery' section but as far as I can see none exists. Is there now a 'Members Gallery'...
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    Welding Practice

    My goal is to build a tube and fabric aeroplane, ala the Spacewalker II. However, in order to do so I want to learn to weld 4130 proficiantly. I've thought about buying one of those 'grab bag' boxes of discarded tubing or buying legnths of the actual size tubing I'm going to use and just start...
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    Newbee? TIG not Gas

    I've been asking questions concerning TIG/Gas welding in the 'Shop Tips and Secrets' section so far, but I thought I would post this one in the 'Beginners' section as it seems more appropriate here. Once again (sorry, I need to start noting where I read this stuff for reference) I've read some...
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    'Minimum' TIG?

    As costly as TIG machines are if I did buy one I certainly wont need any thing fancy. I'd imagine there are specific 'extra' features that make the job much easier but in order to keep cost down and look for a 'basic' machine that will still get the job done right, what are the 'minimum' specs...
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    Engine first, Airplane second?

    Is'nt it true that an airplane is built around the engine? That the powerplant dictates much of the airframe geometry? I once read that before you build your aircraft from plans you must first know what engine it's going to use. W&B, CoG, wing location, passenger/baggage location, moments, arms...
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    Folding vs removeable wings

    I would like to be able to trailer a low wing aircraft. Googling 'folding wings' I find that there are many examples. I would think that a folding wing would be much more user friendly for single person operation than a removeable wing but I think the glider guys might argue with that. What...
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    Power Tool Manufacturers

    I'm soon coming to the point that I need to buy power tools (drill press capable of 250rpm or slower,variable speed 6" bench grinder so Scotch Brite wheels will fit,disc sander that has a wide flat belt,band saw with a wide throat,ect.ect) for my new shop. I've got plenty of information on...