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    For Sale Culp Special Building Plans

    Selling an unused, pristine set of plans for the Culp Special plus a second set of shop plans. I purchased these plans directly from Steve Culp and have only taken them out of the mailing tube a couple of times. Will not separate. $250 plus shipping from Wichita, KS. Chuckellis90b@netscape.net
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    Wanted Culp Special plans

    Looking for plans for Culp Special. Contact Chuck Ellis at Chuckellis90b@netscape.net
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    For Sale Acroduster SA-750 Plans For Sale or Trade

    Acroduster plans in fair condition. $75 plus shipping or trade for SA-300 Starduster Too plans. Chuck Chuckellis90b@netscape.net Wichita, KS
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    Wanted Laser 2300 Plans

    Anyone have a set of plans they will never use? I know I can buy them new but I thought I would check here first. I'll pay up to $200 plus shipping for plans in very good condition. Chuck Chuckellis90b@netscape.net
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    For Sale Model 12 Pitts plans

    Model 12 Pitts plans in very good condition. $200 plus shipping. Or trade for Laser 2300 plans. chuckellis90b@netscape.net
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    For Sale One Design Plans - Excellent Condition

    DR-107 One Design Plans For Sale. Excellent condition, just some drool marks :) $285 including shipping in North America. Firm. Chuckellis90b@netscape.net
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    For Sale Bearhawk Plans

    Bearhawk Plans #799, Shop plans from the Bob, Bobwheel plans and full set of Beartracks newsletters (CD). Replacement value well over $400 new. Sell for $200 plus shipping from Wichita or Montreal. Price is firm. Chuck Ellis ChuckEllis90b@netscape.net
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    For Sale Unused BEARHAWK plans, incl shap and tail wheel plans

    I'm going in a different direction so I have a complete, unused set of BEARHAWK plans for sale. Includes rib Mylar (uncut). Also included is a second set of plans from "The Bob" which include all engineering changes. Also included is a set of plans for building a "Bobwheel" tail wheel. $250...
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    For Sale BEARHAWK Spars, Ribs ans more!

    Untouched Avipro Rib and Spar Web kit. Untouched plans #799, shop plans, Bob wheel plans, Eric Newton manuals, Russ Erb CD, all editions of Beartracks newsletters. $3000.00 plus shipping. Firm. • Contact Chuck A. Ellis, Owner - located Wichita, KS USA • Telephone: 316-650-5209 . Email...