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    Small Continental & Lycoming Availability

    Does anyone know what sort of availability can be expected for the small Continentals like the A-65, C-85, and O-200? How about the small Lycomings like the O-235? What sort of prices could be expected for both new, mid-time, and run out? What sort of overhaul cost? I ask because some of the...
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    Positive Cm Airfoils

    I am doing a design study of a delta-wing sportplane and one area I'm getting hung up on is the airfoil selection. I know that the delta planform is relatively insensitive to airfoil choice, but it still requires an airfoil with a positive pitching moment. I've managed to find a few positive Cm...
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    Joined Wing Stability and Control

    I have been doing some research into alternative configurations for my project, a single seat, 500 mile range, 150mph runabout. I have done sketches for the normal low-wing monoplane layout (taildragger and tri-gear) and even a rough high wing layout. I would like to explore some other options...
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    Fuselage Structure

    I've been researching different airplanes to get a sense of how wood fuselage structures are designed. I see that the Falco has fully curved fuselage bulkheads with longerons at the 12,3,6,and 9 o'clock positions. Plywood skinning makes up the outer skin. I've seen some other planes like the...
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    Minimum plywood skin thickness

    I am designing an airplane very much akin to a single seat Falco and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on minimum skin thickness to minimize hangar rash and airshow moron damage? I know that panel buckling criteria are a main driver of skin thickness (though I haven't gotten to the point...
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    My design thought process

    I've been tossing around several ideas and concepts for some time. While waiting for payday to roll around so I can order Raymer's book, I have stepped up my research. I'm using this thread to think out loud; comments, suggestions, and opinions are welcome. My concept is a lightweight...
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    Design/Production Tolerances

    Here's a question to the aircraft designers here. What sort of tolerances are you designing your parts with? I know that some components require very tight tolerances, but what about stuff like rivet and bolt holes and positioning of brackets and hinge points. I'm familiar with tolerances (and...
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    Greetings from South Louisiana

    Greetings all! My name is Chris, and after lurking here for a month or so I finally decided to register and make my first post. I've been a huge aviation nut for all my life. Through serendipity and some careful planning I have gotten to experience many coo things from up-close tours of the B-17...