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    The Eagle Cam

    Hey,I just thought I'd post this in case anyone hasnt seen it yet.It's of a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in South Western Florida that have a pair of eggs about to hatch. Cam http://dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html# Forum thread with up to date play by play on the action ;)...
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    How do CNC'd parts fit in the FAA's 51% rule?

    I'm reading through the checklist on the FAA's site and it got me to thinking.How does a part that's been made on a CNC fit into the ruling? I know the builder will still get credit for assembly.But lets say I do the CAD work and pay someone to make my file. Would that be considered pro help in...
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    Anyone ever use dacron or ripstop nylon from hang gliders as a covering?

    Just like the title says,has anyone ever use dacron or ripstop nylon from hang gliders,paragliders etc as a lightweight covering? It wouldn't be for a wing or tail surfaces but possibly to save some weight covering the turtle deck area,door frames etc.Basically a lightweight option for non...
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    Aviation Attorney recommendations?dealing in reissuing a lapsed license.

    I'm looking for someone to help me navigate getting current again.It's a long story but I surrendered my CPL a while back because of some dumb childish mistakes.I was young and made a dumb mistake by working for someone who was less than honest at the time.Now in hindsight this would be filed...
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    replacing plywood construction with cored composite panels

    I'm currently looking at a plywood/foam design that uses a VW engine for a first build.While it is a great plane it's a little over 103 weight and I think it could be made to comply with the use of lighter materials and a different engine. Now before this turns into a thread on the pitfalls of...
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    There's a new V12 coming ;-)

    I caught a glimpse of the Camaro at SEMA running one of the prototypes but I never thought they'd actually begin casting the blocks anytime soon. Needless to say the prototype was still impressive running a welded block and cranked out some HP with a mild cam. I know it doesnt sound like a...
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    Crazy Russians cutting it close

    I think the title says it all so I'll just leave this here :gig: :ban:
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    Has cold molding or epoxy coated wood strips ever been used for aircraft?

    I've spent a lot of time around boats and there is a strip and epoxy over former's method of building light strong hulls and I was wondering if it has ever been applied to aircraft? This is a good video on the process And here is a example of the strength I really think it could have its...
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    Recent victim of a texting driver :(

    Hi,I just had to vent because I am dealing with a LOVELY mess caused by a 20 year old girl that was texting and driving.Luckily it was only bent metal and nobody was seriously injured but that is the only silver lining I've found in this cloud. For starters the girl knew the Police officer and...
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    Franklin 12 cylinder from WW2 drone project on Ebay

    If I was retired with the money chances are good that I'd buy this just to have it and dream about a plane to put it into LOL FRANKLIN12 Cylinder Air Cooled Aircraft Engine 0 805 "Airboat " | eBay There was also a old Renault big 6 from a Nord listed here Renault Aircraft Engine | eBay along...
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    EGT's and fuel injection

    I'm planning on a VW conversion and considering my plans call for 50-60hp min I feel I will be fine but I still have some questions. With the ongoing HP to cyl head temp problem/debate not coming to a end anytime soon I was wondering if anyone has run modern EFI on a converted VW. If so have...
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    Some great info on how to cast metal parts

    I found this thread on another forum i frequent and thought it may be of use or at the least a interesting well written read for some here. VWvortex Forums: The complete guide on casting parts It covers everything from a home built furnace to mold and plug making.