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    R 4360 Wasp Major

    Howdy folks, I am trying to find out how the crankcase came apart for a wasp major. The crankshaft was a one piece forging and the throws wouldn't clear the main bearing bores. So it looks like the crankcase came apart radially like the petals of a flower and I am trying to find any pics or...
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    Steel aircraft spar

    Hey guys, I am trying to find out if there have been aircrafts that used steel spars & so far it looks like the "Thrush" line of cropdusters are the only ones. Are there others out there? Any pictures of the spars? Is the construction similar to an aluminum wing (laminated angles and...
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    Martin Baker MB series aircraft construction

    I have been scouring the internet for pictures of the MB series of aircrafts manufactured by Martin Baker. Does anyone happen to have pictures of the airframe, spars to be specific and the specially designed joints they used to connect the steel tubes. Also would anyone happen to have the patent...
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    Steel tube aircraft wing

    Hello everyone, I happened to look at the wing structure of a Stinson Reliant and am curious as to how they were manufactured? The structure looked to be built out of welded steel tubing and are the ribs steel too? Are there any other aircrafts that were built in this manner and how did they...
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    Radial engine oil consumption

    Is the oil consumption on a radial engine high only because of poor scavenging from the crankcase? Have they been completely phased out or are there new designs being developed?
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    Aluminum foam composite construction

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to use a building method for a wing where we can use aluminum as a "skeleton" for handling all the structural loads and foam blocks hot wired with the appropriate airfoil shape which would then be Fastened to the "skeleton". I envision upper and...
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    Radial engine lubrication

    Can anyone help me understand how the lubrication system works in a radial engine. Specifically how are the master rods & crank lubricated. What takes the propeller thrust.
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    4 cylinder Boxer 2 stroke firing order

    Does anyone know the firing order for a 4 cyl boxer two stroke? If we use a Lycoming 4 cyl as an example, the firing order is 1-3-2-4. Since a two stroke fires every time the piston approaches TDC would a 4 cyl boxer two stroke be a "Big bang" engine with cylinders 1 & 4 firing simultaneously...
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    Foam core composite propeller fabrication

    Has anyone tried to make a composite propeller with a closed cell foam core? Any idea how the hubs are made in conventional composite propellers?
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    Non crankcase scavenged, forced aspiration SI engine

    Like the title says, is there any forced aspiration (either supercharger or turbo) non crankcase scavenged, spark ignited two stroke engine?
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    Pressure fed lubrication

    I was wondering if there have been any two stroke engines designed to use plain journal bearings and pressure fed lubrication. If there is a way to isolate and collect the oil expelled from the big end & main bearings we can use the crankcase to charge the intake. Piston pin, rings and cylinder...
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    Manufacturing methods and processes for metal sailplanes

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find books or technical articles that describe in detail the methods and processes used for manufacturing metal sailplanes. Is there any such book for Schweizer sailplanes? I want to know how spars, ribs and other airframe components were manufactured in the old days.
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    Hello from the bay area! :D

    Hello everyone, this is Sri and I have been fascinated with aviation throughout my life. I have a background as an automobile engineer having done diesel engine calibration and as a homologation engineer. I currently live in Morgan Hill, CA and I have really been wanting to take up gliding...