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    vanagon watercooled??

    has anyone tried using a vanagon watercooled VW motor in a plane?? similar to an aircooled motor but 95hp stock with water cooling.. it must have been discussed at some point.
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    general forum thoughts on the Belite part 103??

    I have been rather smitten with the Belite since I first found it years ago... a real part 103 airplane with it's roots in the proven kitfox/avid series... the company owner seems hell bent to provide a real airplane experience at legal weight... not the marginal power, performance and safety...
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    new brazilian VW 3.1L with new head castings??

    Has anyone seen this?? Motorav Home I just started googling for large cubic inch VW conversions to see how far people had taken them when I found a thread on a another forum talking about these guys back in 2011. at the time it appears they didn't have a website but they do now with some pretty...
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    1300hp mercury racing twin turbo V8?

    Has anyone heard of this new monster??? 9 liter twin turbo V8 that makes 1300hp at 6000rpm. this is a marine engine designed to run at RPM for long periods of time. Package weight (engine, tranny, and drive) is 1606 lbs. The engine dimensions out at a length at 26.69”, width at 34”, and a...
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    arctic cat snowmobile engines

    hey all, I have a question on two stroke engines. why does no one use the new two stroke snowmobile engines available?? they have EXTREMELY reliable ignition and EFI systems, dual plugs. you can get an 800 cc twin and a 1000cc twin. these motors make 150-170 hp. they are water cooled and...