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    Jabiru, how do they do it?

    Hi All, Still looking into different engines for my future project. Was intrigued to look at Jabiru's figures for their engines. They are running relatively short strokes on big bores, yet claiming and getting direct drive RPM'S of the mid 2000's. I know you cant beat sheer capacity through...
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    0-200. Just want to know?

    Does anyone know what con-rod length an 0-200 uses for standard? I am curious to know what rod-ratio the engine uses. Hap
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    Scimitar props on VW's???

    This radical Scimitar prop has always intrigued me. Not easy to construct, but often wondered if it would help improve some of the inherent direct-drive VW problems by allowing for a longer effective blade for a smaller blade diameter, therefore lower corresponding tip speed? Maybe one way of...
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    Type 4 VW heads

    Purely out of interest, has anyone ever tried converting a Type 4 VW head to dual plug? I am not looking at the merits between a Type 1 and 4 head, I simply would like to know if anyone has done it before? If so, where was the 2nd plug fitted? HH :ban: