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    DIY Radar Altimeter for Ultralights?

    I know it's not needed for a 103 UL but I cant help but wonder if Adafruit,Element 14 etc might have something better.With the size of todays single board computers and Arduino's I think someone could easily come up with a gauge setup using a accelerometer etc that you could tie into.Weight...
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    About to build Pietenpol - How do I first go about it?

    I'd also steer clear of the Model A engine unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure it's for you and you've really researched it. We had quite a bit of trouble doing the babbit bearings in the one we built.But it was for a car so it wasnt a issue when it quit ;).Although it's been a long time since my dad...
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    Electric powered flight

    On the hydraulic setup if one solenoid stuck the other broke the contact to shut the pump off like normal and you'd get a led warning on the control box indicating the one stuck ;) Himat,It's worked quite well on bow thrusters for high and low thrust and for changing the speed of dc powered...
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    Electric powered flight

    I posted earlier on this,you could simply vary the voltage to a brushed motor via electronics or even old fashioned knife switches if you want. For example with 4 12v batteries you can vary the voltage.All four in parallel would be 12v,in series 48v and series/parallel combination 24v. With...
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    Electric powered flight

    While the average brushless motor is more efficient this isnt always the case.I listed some brushed motors earlier that run over 90% efficient throughout a lot of their operating range.So dont write off all brushed motors because they're brushed ;)
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    3D Printer build

    Optimization,you can get all the fibers you need in their exact orientations for the loads with none orientated in a direction thats not needed. I used to wonder how boat masts and spars wound a strand at a time could be so strong yet relatively thin and extremely light.Especially when compared...
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    Looking For Wipline Float Parts

    If you can post some pics of what you need it'd be helpful although chances are it may be stuff that they custom make in house.
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    3D Printer build

    I totally agree and I was surprised too even though composite props have been around for ages. I really wanted to get a printer early on but I'm glad that I waited as now is really the time to get on board if you havent already.The quality that can come from a decent hobby printer these days is...
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    3D Printer build

    I just stumbled on this and figured I'd share it here. Needless to say I was quite surprised and to be honest with a little bit of optimization I probably wouldnt hesitate to run one on a little back bay/lake boat.I actually mangle quite a few props yearly on my skiff crabbing and at $60 a...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Sad story and I hate to say this but chances are they will never find the bodies.It's just the nature of the lakes at this time of the year. My grandparents were from Silver lake Mi and it is tied to Lake Michigan and I'll never forget the first time I saw a nasty storm whip across those...
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    The big video topic

    It's almost like he's crop dusting in a glider lol
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    The Oh-NO! Second...

    I wasnt quite sure where to start either but when I was younger there was almost always a Monday morning mishap as we called them. Usually it was just something stupid like realizing that we forgot to put the plug in about halfway through a mile long No Wake zone.It wasnt the end of the world...
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    A DRDT-2 Frame Build Video

    Nice work,and I can see other uses for it too. But I have to ask because I'm curious as Kevin N mentioned some people dont like them.What is it they find wrong with using one?
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    Beyond the SR-71

    While drones have taken over a lot of things I still believe we have some unmentionables in the fleet.The reason being is we had a series of sonic booms on the east coast about a year ago that were unlike any we've ever heard.They eventually said it may have been from a F-18 on the test track...
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    The Eagle Cam

    Thanks for the link,I know there's a few with cameras but I always miss the hatch lol.This one is getting really close though and it's actually peaking it's beak through the hole now.
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    Removing thermostat from water cooled engine.

    The coolant is going to leak out because you forgot the bolts in the housing ;)
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    Beyond the SR-71

    I totally agree although rumor has it that the SR-71 still has a few beans left to spill in regards to it's top speed.
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    The Eagle Cam

    Hey,I just thought I'd post this in case anyone hasnt seen it yet.It's of a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in South Western Florida that have a pair of eggs about to hatch. Cam http://dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html# Forum thread with up to date play by play on the action ;)...
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    Anyone ever use Pre-Oiling?

    In that case I say go for it,after all it is a experimental. Adding a reserve of oil would be the simplest and lightest of those things to accomplish on your list.Whereas going for a full blown accumulator setup is going to be the most complex and heaviest.Although they do make all sorts of...
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    Anyone ever use Pre-Oiling?

    Reduced wear from sitting unused for extended periods of time.