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  1. Peter V

    3D resin printer at home for $2400

    Amazing stuff. At the moment it has pretty crude resolution, but these things tend to improve quickly. Custom parts anyone? http://www.fabathome.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#Movies_and_Photos
  2. Peter V

    DIY earphone headset

    I've got some molded silicone earplugs which incorporate a canal through their centre for fitting different filters for different levels of protection, anyway, as I'm not a fan of hot sweaty ears like you get from fully encapsulated headsets, I'm converting these earplugs by adding earbud type...
  3. Peter V

    Flight goggles and leather helmet

    I found the coolest thing on the weekend in an antiques store - an orginal set of flight goggles and skull cap from the desceased estate of a Tigermoth pilot :eek: Wow. They were in so good condition that at first I thought they were a reproduction - even had the commincation tube things going...
  4. Peter V

    Anyone going that extra mile with paintwork?

    Why do aircraft have to look so... bland? I mean, you spend years of your life and a small (large?) fortune. Shouldn't your aircraft look the part? Just wondering if anyone has considered talking to their local detail shop so that the plane matches your skull-emblazoned Harley?
  5. Peter V

    New propeller concept

    Something different. www.zcav.com If all that they say is true, it's an astounding leap forward for prop designs... but we've all seen this kind of thing before... I'll reserve my judgement until I see a plane flying with it, and the pilot tells me that the plane no longer...