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  1. dragon2knight

    The Safety Talk

    Great "real life" safety talk! Real Life Safety Talk
  2. dragon2knight

    Oshkosh Memories

    Little Scrapper came up with a great idea to help us all cope with the cancellation of Oshkosh this year. Post photos, memories of past visits and whatever else you can think of to allow for the type of online healing only this hallowed place can give :cool: I'll start us off: Last year(2019)...
  3. dragon2knight

    Oshkosh 2020 Cancelled

    The title says it all unfortunately. Here's the Twitter post: Oshkosh 2020 Cancelled Give the link some time as EAA's site is obviously getting hammered right now....I myself had kept up a little hope of this happening, thankfully the cabin I set up for this moved my reservation to next year...
  4. dragon2knight

    Sun N Fun Home Edition

    A decent idea more aimed at making them some cash(donation button front and center), but some nice stuff being uploaded to it like interviews and air show stuff and the like. Worth a look at least. Sun N Fun Home Edition
  5. dragon2knight


    Airline Bailout done and done.... Lets try and do this without any politics, or at least as little as possible. I'm only interested in who got the lions share and how it can, if at all, benefit GA. Doesn't look like anything went our way though.
  6. dragon2knight

    Virtual Fly In's

    Good idea! May be the only way for something like this to happen for the foreseeable future unfortunately. I'd advise against Zoom though, it's getting a deserved reputation for being a security nightmare. Lot's of better ones out there. Virtual Fly In, Kitplanes article
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  8. dragon2knight

    Uh huh....

  9. dragon2knight

    Wrong Way Corrigan

    Nice little write up on an awesome piece of aviation history :pilot: https://www.planeandpilotmag.com/article/mysteries-of-flight-wrong-way-corrigan/
  10. dragon2knight

    This was....amusing....

    Big planes, worlds shortest runway. What could go wrong :grave:
  11. dragon2knight

    Famous Last Words....

  12. dragon2knight

    Buy this crew a beer...!

    Darn impressive landing! This happened during storm Dennis in the UK. :beer: https://twitter.com/AeronewsGlobal/status/1228716036117221376
  13. dragon2knight

    No one can explain WHY planes fly...

    Very interesting article, if a bit long winded. I wonder if we'll ever come to a right proper conclusion... https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/no-one-can-explain-why-planes-stay-in-the-air/?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email
  14. dragon2knight

    Why so expensive??

    While I was looking through my recommended YouTube video list, I came across a tour shop of Adventura showcasing their wares. It showed what went into building one of their amphibious 2 seaters....and the thing that struck me the most was that it didn't look like much more than aluminum tubes...
  15. dragon2knight

    This must have been fun....

    Omaha To Salt Lake City without GPS, a Mail Flight reenactment. Great story! Would anyone else here attempt it? https://www.airspacemag.com/history-of-flight/omaha-salt-lake-city-without-gps-180973967/
  16. dragon2knight

    Can a Challenger/Excalibur have folding wings?

    I've been told the wings are removable, but can they or have they ever incorporated a "swing wing" type of folding mechanism? I can share a hanger where I'm moving to and I'm looking into any type of lower cost aircraft that can do this. I have currently found quite a few Challengers I can get...
  17. dragon2knight

    For Sale Brand New Complete Gleim XPlane Flight Simulation Setup

    Hi all! I just got back from Oshkosh and finished setting up a really high end Gleim XPlane Flight Simulator setup. It's got everything you'd need to use XPlane 11 and Gleims excellent Flight Training syllabus. Plug it in and go! I was an IT tech for a living and decided to go a bit nuts on...
  18. dragon2knight

    VW Engine Maintenance

    While I see tons of info regarding how to choose, build and install VW engines on this forum I'd love to know how to do basic/advanced maintenance on them. I know no one who has one so I can't ask there. This is an engine I've long admired but simply don't know what to expect to have to do, at...
  19. dragon2knight

    Anyone want to share a place to stay at for Oshkosh FOR FREE?

    Hi all :) Just throwing this out here to anyone who'd be interested. I have rented a cabin around 25-ish miles out from Oshkosh for the entire week of the airshow (Sunday the day before the show for check in and check out is the Monday morning after the show). I'm going solo this year and the...
  20. dragon2knight

    What's the easiest plans/kits built sheet metal plane for the massively inexperienced

    Seriously, I'm ok with my hands, but never even tried to do anything on a scale this huge before. I have a two car garage at my disposal and can get whatever tools I need. I'm literally starting from scratch here. I'm a student LSA pilot, btw, 51 y.o., so I know this limits me a bit, and I'm...