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    American Made Storch Replicas

    I understand that the FAA quit allowing the importation of 75% Storch Replicas from Columbia a while back. I have heard rumours that the replica Storches and Storch Kits are now being made in America now for sale. Any truth to those rumours? Anyone have a website address for American made...
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    Flying Car Crash in Canada

    This is from AvWeb: AVwebFlash Complete Issue The video is very interesting. Fortunately, no one was killed in the crash.
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    Heart Valve REplacement = No Medical Certificate?

    I was told that a Private Pilot that had a heart valve replacement would lose his Medical Certificate and be ineligible to ever get another one. I this true?
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    Adding a Foot of Wing Span to Left and Right Wings in a Piper Super Cub

    What would be the result of adding 12 Inches to both the Left and Right Wings when building the wing of a Pazmany PL-9 Stork? I figure that it would reduce the wing loading per square foot of wing, slightly increase drag and probably require that the wing spar be strengthened. Any suggestions or...
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    Pazmany PL-9 Builders and Pilot's Reports

    Does anyone have a link to a builder's and/or pilot's report on the Pazmany PL-9 Stork airplane? I haven't been able to find one on the internet. I am thinking about building a PL-9. I note that Mr. Pazmany has passed away, so that might account for the lack of reports on the PL-9, as he is...
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    PL-9 Pazmany "Stork" Questions

    If I build a Pazmany PL-9 and cover the wings with aluminum sheet metal rather than fabric-what issues will that bring up? Will the FAA give me a hassle? Would it work? How about LEAVING OFF the Slats and replace them with Vortex Generators-Could I do that? I figure I would pick up 5 to 7...
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    Who Said The Mazda Rotary Engine Was Gone For Good??? It WILL BE BACK IN 4 YEARS !!!

    Check this out Mazda Rotary Fans: Mazda has a new RX-7 planned for 2017 | Digital Trends
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    Who Sells Grade 5 Titaniux 1/2 X 1/2 "L" Angle Extrusions?

    Where can I find some Grade 5 Titanium 1/2" x 1/2" "L" Angle Extrusions. By searching the web, I can find Titanium Sheets, Tubing and Square Extrusions-but no "L" Angle stock. Is there a reason for this? THANKS
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    I note that at the Centurion Aircraft Engine website they advertise that their certified 2.0s Diesel Aircraft Engine will go 1,200 hours "Time Before Replacement." Is that their way of saying that their engines cannot be overhauled? Buying a new engine every 1,200 will get to be expensive...
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    Flying Rudders....

    I have got a set of plans for a Zenith CH 750 STOL. I note that the CH 750 utilizes an "All Flying" Rudder. I am just wondering about what would be involved substituting a Mooney type vertical stabilizer and rudder in place of the Zenith's "All Flying" Rudder. Would it be possible? The big...
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    How To Drill 1/8" Thick Titanium Plate???

    I Have to drill some 1/4" holes in a 1/8" thick Grade 5 Titanium plate. I have a drill press on which I can control the speed. Can I get away with using a new (sharp) TiN coated drill? If not, what is the best drill to use? What speed do I run the drill press at? Do I use any cutting fluid-if...
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    Anybody Have Any Idea of How Many Experimental Aircraft Using Rotary Engines?

    Does anyone have any idea about how many Rotary engines are in use in home built aircraft here in the U.S.? Does the FAA keep any records on this? What percentage of the Experimental aircraft fleet are powered Rotary engines, etc.? Seems to me that IF a large number of Rotary engines were being...
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    Best Vertical Stabalizer Design-Cessna's "Straight" Design of Mooney's??

    If you were going to design a 2 or 4 place, HIGH WING, Light Airplane with a Fixed Gear, which Vertical Stabilizer design would you select? 1. The old Cessna "Straight" Vertical Stabilizer design as found on their 1950's era 172's. 2. Of the Mooney Vertical Stabilizer design? Is one really...
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    Is there a "Corrosion Problem" when 4130 Steel comes into contact with Aluminum?

    I will start building my 1st Homebuilt aircraft sometimes later this month. So, I have a basic question. When 4130 Normalized steel tubing comes in contact with aluminum in an aircraft structure, say for example, a 4130 steel tube Wing Spar in an aluminum wing structure, is there a "Galvanic"...
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    Old vs New Cessna Vertical Stabalizers???

    Way back in the 1950's Cessna 140's and some of the early 150's came with a a fairly conventional (for the times) vertical stabilizer. Then sometimes in the early 1960's Cessna started putting "Swept Back" vertical stabilizers on their airplanes-kinda like a much smaller version of the vertical...
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    Reynolds 953 Stainless Steel Tubing???

    The people over at the bicycle building websites are extolling the virtues of the Reynolds 953 Stainless Steel tubing. Seems that Reynolds 953 SS tubing is so strong, the tubes walls can be drawn so thin that bikes that are built out of 953 SS tubing are STRONGER than aluminum but as LIGHT (OR...
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    What About Substituting Titanium Tubing for Aluminum Tubing in Fuselage?

    This is some of those "What If" questions from a beginner (I am considering building an airplane cause I already know how to fly them) What If I were to build a "Scratch Built" airplane that utilized a welded aluminum truss structure for the fuselage. What if I were to substitute titanium...
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    Talk About a "Little" Wing!!!!

    This past weekend the family and I went over to the Air Force Museum at Warner Robbins AFB in Warner Robbins, Georgia. If you haven't been or are planning on heading down from "Up Nawth" I-75 to Florida (or visa versa), by all means take the time to stop and visit the museum-it is definitely...
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    Replica Boeing-Stearman PT-17 Question

    Is anyone selling plans for a 75% or 85% scale Replica of a Boeing-Stearman PT-17 ? THANKS!
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    Pazmanyt PL-9 Stork & The FAA Criquet "Storch" Ban???

    O.K. I understand that the FAA has, in effect, "BANNED" the Criquet "Storch" LSA. My understanding is that the fuselage was manufactured in South America, imported into the U.S. and the LSA finished in Florida. The FAA did an "Audit?" of the company in Florida and came out with the ruling that...