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  1. GTX_Engines

    Alternative to turnbuckles

    Nice thread, I was just looking at turnbuckle prices from Aircraft Spruce, Grainger, and Fastenal this week. They all cost $35.00 each, so I was wondering what other guys are doing where these are needed. I like Mike's post #5 and the photo ! Here is just one source found for high carbon...
  2. GTX_Engines

    Best Gear Oil?

    He builds the gearboxes, you build the aircraft. How many different applications and engine-gearbox combos can you imagine for the use of a rather generic gearbox, that might have nothing new but the housing to attach to a particular motor you want to run it on? Not possible for the gearbox...
  3. GTX_Engines

    Best Gear Oil?

    Very interesting stuff. We don't get into the higher HP stuff, but our Yamaha conversions are still pushing the gearboxes we typically use. Whine is something I've noticed in a number of new builds (sounds like a super charger) but it always goes away after break in. So in our case it is...
  4. GTX_Engines

    For Sale Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller

    I sent you an email requesting price list for props and adjustable pitch hub. We fabricate and sell Yamaha 4-cycle aircraft engine conversions, 80 HP to 175 HP. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  5. GTX_Engines

    $10 gallon Avgas

    This paper dated 2018 states that 100LL contains 0.13% Tetra ethyl lead. I think the facts stated are from 2013. MSDS for Phillips 100LL
  6. GTX_Engines

    $10 gallon Avgas

    Simple question: Does lead decrease volatility to the point where leaded fuel will not vapor lock as easily as does recreational pure gasoline? I say no, and have a BS in chemistry. My wife has a PhD in chemistry and she agrees with me. We agree that changing a metallic content in a volatile...
  7. GTX_Engines

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    A good friend died Friday night in Indiana in the hospital after succumbing to burns suffered from a chash while testing one of his latest Brantley helo rebuilds. This is what he did for most of his later life, and it comes as a shock to all of us in the PRA. He was the best Brantley rebuilder...
  8. GTX_Engines

    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    Gyrocopters are in autorotation at all times. Helicopters are not. When a helo engine quits, the helicopter must have at least 45 MPH foward true AS in order to autorotate and glide to a safe landing. This requires a minimum 200' AGL from a hover, zero AS. Since a gyrocopter is ALWAYS in...
  9. GTX_Engines

    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A CLUTCHED PROP ON A YAMAHA RX1 OR APEX. If you are concerned with best glide flight, then don't use a clutch.
  10. GTX_Engines

    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    Mohawk Aero has a variety of gearbox options, as well as clutch and no clutch. They always have, and they always will, since 2012. These are now available to work with RX1, Apex, Phazer, Nytro, Attak, Vector, Rage, Mountain...in other words ALL Yamaha Genesis (YG) engines. In some cases, such...
  11. GTX_Engines

    Yamaha Aircraft Engines: A History & Buyer's Guide

    Take a look at this dyno chart provided by an aftermarket group. I don't believe their reported numbers showing the huge increase in power when their product is installed, but at least this gives us a pretty good idea of what's going on with the power at any given SPRM. For CRPM multiply the...
  12. GTX_Engines

    The Prop windmilling on RX1/Apex engines

    There may be some misconception about Yamaha conversion engines here. ALL YG2 and YG3 engines must have a clutch to start the motor, since it won't rev through to a smooth idle when hard coupled to a prop. It's like trying to start a bike while in gear. Next, there is no need to use a...
  13. GTX_Engines

    Yamaha Aircraft Engines: A History & Buyer's Guide

    Here are two other threads that are suitable for the new "YAMAHA" category: First 160 HP Yamaha EXUP aircraft yamaha-160-hp-stock-170lbs-installed
  14. GTX_Engines

    Yamaha Aircraft Engines: A History & Buyer's Guide

    It is wonderful to see Yamaha Genesis engines have now been provided their own category here on HBA. Thank you. HISTORY Pretty sure this is your first thread on the subject. First mention of Yamaha on Homebuiltairplanes The thread above was posted 10/9/2010. I found the HBA forum and that...
  15. GTX_Engines

    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    It is my understanding the inverted cylinder engines were popularly abandoned nearly 100 years ago for good reason...there's a better way to do it. The only good reason in the first place to do it was to lower the cowling height from the thrust line on tail draggers during ground ops. If that...
  16. GTX_Engines

    World's First 160HP Stock Yamaha Aircraft Engine is FLYING!

    Video of the Yamaha 160 HP EXUP flying at CUB airport in Columbia the other day, sounds great - MUCH quieter the 150 HP IO-320 belonging to my buddy that took off right after the gyro did, although Scott didn't catch it on the vid <sigh>. Additional info on the Youtube post. Enjoy. Mohawk...
  17. GTX_Engines

    World's First Yamaha 160 HP STOCK @ 170lbs Installed Flies!

    Click on this title link: https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/worlds-first-160hp-stock-yamaha-aircraft-engine-is-flying.33605/
  18. GTX_Engines

    World's First 160HP Stock Yamaha Aircraft Engine is FLYING!

    Mohawk Aero Corps has completed and successfully test flown (after extensive ground running of the power plant) 2 hours off of their newest Yamaha conversion engine offering: the 2011 - 2018 model years for the 160HP Apex EXUP snowmobile engine, with titanium headers incorporating an...
  19. GTX_Engines

    front wheel steering fork angle

    Just a side note: When taking off from hard-pack, wet sand beaches you don't want a forward angle nose gear since they are unpredictable and will dig in and flip the trike over. You need castering nose wheel for soft ground operation.
  20. GTX_Engines

    Rotax 582 Alternative Possibility

    Mohawk Aero Corps (MAC) started fabricating Yamaha Genesis 2-cylinder (YG2) Phazer aircraft engine conversion kits last year, and got the first YG2 customer flying in May, a Quicksilver Float plane in New Orleans owned & built by Gil Audibert. One other YG2 kit has been sold to John Rountree in...