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    Rivet nuts in tubes?

    This ^ Rivnuts suck. If you have worked on aircraft for more than 10 minutes you will wholeheartedly agree.
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    IFR capable plane with auto conversion

    This is Bearly entertaining.:cool:
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    Health Wealth & Happiness

    or Karen and Ken
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    Intake Manifolds

    Are those something you fabricated, or did you buy them? Is there a divider of some type in them, or not? They look nice.
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    Pik-26 conclusion is near

    looks great! Congratulations
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    Tail Wheel Instruction - Dallas/Ft. Worth?

    You need some Pitts S-2 time with Budd Davidson or Steve Wolfe. You need to learn how to land a brick if you are going to fly that plane of yours. Decathalon time isn't the same thing. My .02
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    TIG, stress relieving

    Google it. Uses a different filler rod.
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    Valve Problem

    My question has nothing to do with the valve so no it doesn't matter. I'm asking another question as I'm starting to build a VW engine. I see a fried piston there, it's a question. Does every thread you read stay on track?
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    Valve Problem

    Was that a cast or a forged piston?
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    Sources for mechanical Manifold pressure gauge around 1-1/4" diameter

    I just ended up buying this one for a normally aspirated VW motor. Thanks Mark W for steering me away from the Summit racing one I had my eye on. https://www.chiefaircraft.com/uma-7-100-20.html
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    Sources for mechanical Manifold pressure gauge around 1-1/4" diameter

    Marc, This is the one I was looking at. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sww-82321?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAkePyBRCEARIsAMy5ScvdbbAz-v9tkKYvATjluvqM7p6zuos8avXKi6akgvQrtmppkNDlRWQaAoz0EALw_wcB
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    Sources for mechanical Manifold pressure gauge around 1-1/4" diameter

    I've looked around and found some in the 2-1/8" range, but would really like one that is smaller ( panel space is very tight). I want one that doesn't require electricity to operate. Something that is reasonable quality and cost effective too. I found a 2-1/4" inch one at Summit racing for...
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    Cylinder and engine paint questions.

    This ^
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    Burnt Valves?

    That "exhaust log" is exactly what I have seen on Jurca replicas that were done 30 years ago.
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    Problems with searching

    Same here, "no results" comes up with any search, single or multiple words. Home computer, Windows 7, Newest Firefox
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    ShopTask 20 XMTC 1995

    A single machine that does everything, does nothing well. This has been debated around the web many, many times. The hassle may, or may not, be worth the price. Free or otherwise. Good Luck
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    Metal Lathe

    I would say get a mill first, preferably with a DRO ( it takes the ass ache of backlash out of the equation). Accurate hole placement, repeatability, and perpendicularity to the work piece. Quick Jigs and Fixtures for holding parts or things like welding alignment too. Less time making one part...
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    Should we have kit manufacture subforums?

    Be careful what you ask for. When all the bells and whistles are in place, you may be asked to pay to view this forum at some point. All the "extra" nice things that don't really add much to the day to day viewing could be the cause.
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    Should we have kit manufacture subforums?

    In one word, NO.
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    a question about big flaps or Fowlers on a biplane

    Most biplanes have so much drag you don't need flaps for landing.