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    Does your auto-conversion airplane have over 500 hrs TT?

    My Auto engine conversion is over 200 hp and just turned 11hrs( on ground testing). First flight should be end of October. I'm still discovering the characteristics of the engine installation, lately starting after it sits for several months. Once I got the fuel to the pump, It ran perfectly...
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    Air Adventurer 333

    wow, the buccaneer has come way down in price. I agree. this is the first time I have seen a flying one under 100k.
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    Air Adventurer 333

    skills needed/learned cloth covering wings. Fiberglassing, minor welding I've done is a manual door latch, could do it without welding. foam cutting for the aileron balance horns. creating brackets and handles, panel and accessory wiring. Creating inspection panel covers. windshield...
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    Air Adventurer 333

    Hollman was the engineer. The mods are pretty minor. Don't use the wing tanks and the flutter problem goes away at the speeds this plane flys. There were updates to the manual for balancing control surfaces. The hardest mod is replacing the bowden cables for control surface movement with...
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    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    makerplane.org is an opensource project to do exactly what you are describing. It is a developing product that has the basics working and several accessories.
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    Here is the latest build update of unleashed Experimental float plane build for anyone interested in different builds of seaplane

    nice. if you hinged it on the inside and made it more of a U shape you can retract the front gear in further
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    Four runner CF-4

    I'd go with an aluminum v6 or v8 over the corvair. There are packages already developed for the LS series, so you won't be spending too much time developing a powerplant nor too much money.
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    AutoPRSUs engine discussion

    apples to apples, your comparing the cost of a new engine with, lets say about 1500 hours left to the cost of an engine with 200-500 hours left. And you may not know the condition of the engine. A $5000 overhaul is rare, so you'd better be lucky. I would gamble on a new engine, you know what...
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    Is it me or does Foreflight/flight planning apps just suck for VFR?

    I like flyQ. I use the efb on my ipad and the insight on my iphone. FlyQ insight doesn't give me much more info than the moving map, but I was thinking that projecting it on a HUD would be better. I use an ADS-b in box I made and have the traffic on the moving map. ForFlight is too expensive...
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    Electric Remote Fuel Valve

    you just gave me an idea on how to control my heat/defrost temperature. I have this an8 valve regulating the coolant going to the heater core, but I can't reach the valve while flying. I could use a servo. This could work for you also but not as elegant a solution as the Andair product.
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    Third homebuilt, Fleet model 7

    In airplanes, belts are reliable much higher than 100 hp. airplanes don't need the instant high torque & accelleration for drag racing, etc. We open the throttle relatively slowly. The Blanton psru design using a 4" belt is good for at least 350 hp. Modern belts also can be made with much...
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    Miles Adventurer / Adventure Air Adventurer HULL Cheap

    The pictures show little or no work has been done. The changes have NOT been done
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    Miles Adventurer / Adventure Air Adventurer HULL Cheap

    Holmann's design changes are relatively minor and can be done after the aircraft has been built. I have the report and have implemented all changes so far except one, which I will start work on soon. having taken a look at the ad, this looks like an earlier model, the bow is a little shorter...
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    Using motorcycle drive belts from BEHIND an engine

    Yes. Gilmer Belts had trapezoidal teeth, The belt I have has round teeth.
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    Using motorcycle drive belts from BEHIND an engine

    NW Aero Performance and Belted Air Drives both used the Blanton design with their V8 packages. THere has also been some one off copies of the Blanton design. They've been running since the 80's. They are/ need to be very sturdy, which translates to a bit heavy. If they are not...
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    Is carbon fiber / kevlar fabric of any benefit?

    It would be benefitial as the outer layer on an amphibian hull or floats
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    Mogas vs. 100LL?

    In Denver, ethanol free premium unleaded price is similar to 100LL price. And it is 91. can't get 93 here. I live near Bandimere speedway, the Mobil station has 100UL (pump marked as racing fuel) No price on the pump.
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    STOL take off technique

    putting 2 notches of flaps at 45mph, but not before, in a cherokee 140 will get you off the ground and into ground affect sooner than a normal take-off. It minimizes the drag while accelerating to 45. I hate electric flaps, they are slow to deploy and take away some of the fine control.
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    Plastic jerry can for fuel tank

    have you got one of these lying around? Probably fuel compatible.