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  1. Mark Schoening

    Drill sizes

    Your local hardware store probably has a SET of Numbered drill bits. I bought one for a "master set" and then ordered the bits needed from an aircraft tool supplier. On occasion, I've used sizes I did not bulk order and that set was handy. While pulled rivets will "fill the hole" , I'd go by...
  2. Mark Schoening

    OK which one of us did this?

    Fly inverted....510 ft "below your wheels"
  3. Mark Schoening

    Does this aircraft have any use?

    Perhaps a nod to old age or senility, (or stiff body joints), I built and sold an RV -9, now I'm building a Zenith cruzer…...so much easier, these low, slow, easy to build, and simple airplanes....
  4. Mark Schoening

    How wide for a side-by-side?

    The 47 inch cabin in a Navion is really comfortable. Social distancing, ya know!
  5. Mark Schoening

    Oshkosh Memories

    Ah the 2018 campgrounds...fun. fun, fun!
  6. Mark Schoening

    Making a firewall

    My last build, an RV-9, I used this to pad my Van's supplied SS firewall. FIREWALL 2000 CERAMIC BLANKET - 24 INCH WIDTH | Aircraft Spruce Placed it on the engine side.....Had very little heat transfer through the fire wall....Noise , couldn't tell, nothing to compare to, but I felt safer.....
  7. Mark Schoening

    Making a firewall

    You might also consider a firewall with galvanized on engine side, a flange, fluted or notched, with a layer of fibrefrax paper and a very thin piece of thin aluminum on the passenger side for the protection of the fiberfrax, all riveted together. (high temp ceramic paper) Extra protection, a...
  8. Mark Schoening

    Still breathing!

    N. Wisconsin pretty much covid 19 free....widely scattered single cases. I'm retired so no layoff or job worries for me. I stock 6 months of canned and dry goods and rely on store just for fresh stuff. Stores are well supplied, no shortages, so far. People in this area a above average in age...
  9. Mark Schoening


    Can you point us to the product info that is tilting our Bogosity Meters? Well, a well known advertiser that uses "almost new" honda engines and advertises a lot on the Zenith builders FB page....NOT that I have any problem with Jan's product, but mainly a hanger roundtable discussion about...
  10. Mark Schoening


    Thank You all for the thoughtful replies....some of which are waaay out of my comfort zone....:fear: Be kind in face of my lack of math skills. My basic question, Example: Given a zenith 750 with a 150 hp lyc engine swinging a xyz prop, will a auto conversion engine of 150 hp with a...
  11. Mark Schoening


    I notice some engine conversions claim more "thrust" with their engines. I always thought that with a given prop, a true 100 hp engine, of any type, would only swing that prop a certain max rpm. Allowing for a given exact same HP engine, say, 100 hp either direct drive or with a reduction unit...
  12. Mark Schoening

    Famous Last Words....

    "Did you hear that?....Wha? I didn't hear anything"...……..
  13. Mark Schoening

    Famous Last Words....

    They told me they topped it off.....
  14. Mark Schoening

    Artificial Horzion

    Ah, one evening I and several other pilots standing around the "cooler" were speculating as to the flying abilities of a chicken...His mundane life at 10 ft or below....We decided to "help' a chicken experience the freedom of flight above his normal ceiling. Next day we procured the "lucky"...
  15. Mark Schoening

    What aircraft do you guys think were designed "perfect" from the outset?

    Cherokee ...You can read a newspaper on final...….
  16. Mark Schoening

    Artificial Horzion

    I can add, falling chickens do not know which side is up at 3,000 ft...….
  17. Mark Schoening

    VP-2 instrument panel layout ideas

    Option # 2.....ASI and ALT most viewed....Engine gauges important...Looks good.
  18. Mark Schoening

    motor mount offset for "P" factor

    Thanks so much.....1-1/2 - 2 inches was my rough estimate. Going to suppress my concerns and build on.
  19. Mark Schoening

    motor mount offset for "P" factor

    Thanks, I agree..Was concerned with the offset being excessive. Given the slow, draggy nature of a Cruzer I guess a larger offset is necessary. Rudder is not offset.
  20. Mark Schoening

    motor mount offset for "P" factor

    I received a factory built motor mount for a Lycoming engine. Upon initial fitting I noticed almost a 2 inch offset to the right. Called the factory and was told, "yes, this is correct, it's built in for "P" factor. To my untrained eye, it seems excessive. This is a Zenith Cruzer with a 150...