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  1. Dennis K

    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    Reminds me of the C-141 pilot who reported a parachute sighted while descending into Kadena back in the 1960's. He actually did see a parachute but it was the 18 inch bamboo and orange paper parachute under one of our radiosonde balloons as it flashed by at around 220 kts. I realize it's...
  2. Dennis K

    Does this aircraft have any use?

    Hard to believe some have sunk so low as to be terrified some Marxist useful idiot might call them a playground name if we hurt their feelings by using a word that “offends” them. If rational adults keep allowing self-appointed immature fools to modify language with each imagined slight soon...
  3. Dennis K

    Facet Opel

    I can't vouch for the vibration because my only experience with pushers is with models but the prop close to the trailing edge sure makes a racket, even more so if in a slot.
  4. Dennis K

    Aerial Spraying: What AGL?

    Good catch! I forgot that stuff even though I keep a few chunks in the car for when I go to the field to toss into puddles. The local Lowes carries it. Great stuff.
  5. Dennis K

    Aerial Spraying: What AGL?

    As much as I love the idea of the thrill of flying low to the ground barn swallows and dragonflies eat their weight in mosquitoes during the day while bats do the same at night without killing every other mosquito predator out there. Dragonflies can take up to a year to hatch a new crop, spiders...
  6. Dennis K

    NOT FOR SALE: Debreyer/Mangenot Vampyr plans

  7. Dennis K

    NOT FOR SALE: Debreyer/Mangenot Vampyr plans

    Hey Dewey, Before you announce to the group I "hosed you" maybe you better get your facts straight. The plans I mailed you were the exact same ones Michel sent me in the original binder. I bought those plans in 2005 from Michel Mangenot in the Czech Republic for more than I sold them to you for...
  8. Dennis K

    Al Backstrom and inspiration from model aircraft

    I also attended a Nurflügel symposium at the National Soaring Museum back then. Seems someone had submitted a proposal to DARPA for towing the space shuttle up to high altitude to eliminate the solid boosters and the only people who had done something similar were the WWII Germans who were...
  9. Dennis K

    New...Old Guy...64 years young

    I'd kill to be 64 again. **** kids!
  10. Dennis K

    Flying on 14 hp

    I have J. C. Debreyer's Le Vampyr drawings #39 if anyone can read French and is interested. At 76 I guess I have to face the reality I'm never going to build it.
  11. Dennis K

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    I seem to remember at the Elmira Flying Wing Symposium in1997 to determine the feasibility of towing the Space Shuttle to altitude held at the museum an owner of an AV-36 (Jack Lambie ?) describing how comfortably it flew in bumpy conditions. He said (Or I read it in another report) it responded...
  12. Dennis K

    Best Quotes

    I remember a sign in the 1960's hanging over the door leading into base operations from the flightline at an East Coast AFB, maybe Andrews or McGuire, that read: The mission of the Air Force is to fly and fight. The mission of those who don't fly and fight is to support those who do. Anybody...
  13. Dennis K

    Flea style "Piojo Flying MiniBike"

    This control method pivoting the wing halves independently as elevators and ailerons has been successfully used on R/C model slope soarers for years. It's called wingerons or pitcherons depending on the number of functions utilized and is similar to the arrangement used for a butterfly tail...
  14. Dennis K

    Do airboat gear drives really work?

    For what it's worth I've watched aircraft engined airboats run up fast-flowing rivers in Alaska for hours at high power levels while salmon fishing the Copper and Tanana Rivers. Also had a few trips in a four place VW-powered hovercraft on the Tanana river that was screaming its guts out for...
  15. Dennis K

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    In 1970 while assigned to AFCRL Cloud Physics Branch at Hanscom Field a man approached me after seeing a model I had built with a plan to build an AV-36 as a woodworking project for his son. I thought Ihad died and goen to heaven but the kid wasn't interested so the plan fell through. All I have...
  16. Dennis K

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Not that it applies to this story but the PBY Catalina has retractable wingtip floats.
  17. Dennis K

    Attention Tailless Nerds!

    First let me make it clear I have no time in the Fauvel but did attend the 1987 Nurflugal semanar at Elmirea where a former owner (Jack Lambie ?) discribed flying his. He claimed it was very stable and easily trimmeable for hands-off flight. He discribed leaning slightly foreward or backwards...
  18. Dennis K

    P-51C at ~70% scale as ultralight?

    These guys sell plans for a 2/3 scale P-51. Years ago I watched a fellow build one of thier FW-190's. Plywood fuse, foam blocks to fill out the shape with a VW engine. They had others like the F4U using the same basic construction but different shaped foam blocks and wing configurations...
  19. Dennis K

    My avatar is a flying wing but no Nurflügel.

    My avatar is a flying wing but no Nurflügel.