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  1. pwood66889

    Aircraft appraisel

    Please pardon, as I couldn't find any of the "usual suspects" that matched my question. I plan to use my plane in a flying club and am "donating" it there to. Yeah, they could not find anybody to be president, so... `Tany rate, I need to value it for the deal to go through. Local...
  2. pwood66889

    P-82 Restoration Project Presentation

    Coming To Tallahassee International on February 1st! The P-82 “Twin Mustang” was an extensive restoration to flying status by a dedicated team. Now part of that team will be joining EAA Chapter 445 in Tallahassee to tell us all about it. Don’t miss this fabulous presentation! Compass Pointe...
  3. pwood66889

    Get my contribution?

    Sent a check in early last month and it hasn't cleared the bank yet. Thanks!
  4. pwood66889

    Weedhopper Reviews?

    Any one flown one? PIREP?? Percy in NW FL, USA
  5. pwood66889

    WEH2: Luscombe

    Read with interest: "Luscombe Foundation ... litigation into bankruptcy liquidation during 2004." Any body know the skinny? Weren't they the ones that owned the Type Certificate?? BTW: WEH2 means What Ever Happened To... Percy in NW FL, USA
  6. pwood66889

    Might want to check

    Visited a friend this afternoon. He was taking his motor off. Seems he had a spate of trouble and returned to his home field for a Precautionary Landing (PL). Good thing he did! Counter sunk screws holding his fly wheel, alternator and center spindle had backed out. First picture shows...
  7. pwood66889

    Ully floats

    Think I'll get more mileage here rather than Bush/Float Planes forum, so here goes: I got "gifted" with a pair of Red Baron Ultra Floats. These jobbies are 10 feet long, and came with a friend's project that he is moving to a new, better home. They are plastic covered, and may have sat in...
  8. pwood66889


    Since entering my 7th decade, I have taken up reading the obituaries. No sense in trotting off to work if I see my name there... :-) But recently one caught my eye = jaunty pilot type perched on the ladder to his T-38. Skinned through the name, rank and death date; nothing out of the...
  9. pwood66889

    Engine Stand

    Hi. Trying picture posting. Yes, I have had trouble with it. Nope -- just like the thread said = buttons do not work. Connecting kept spinning and post didn't work. Then, all of a sudden, it did! Added this sentence and will now try Save. Hmmm... That worked! Lets try that pix again...
  10. pwood66889

    Wanted Prop swap

    My prop's too short! No crude remarks, now... :-) The Type Certificate Data Sheet calls for a prop between 73 and 71 inches for my Ercoupe's Continental 75 motor. The Continental 85 will take one from 73 to 69.5 inches. Don't ask me why. My current prop is 69 5/8 inches. It is marked as 71...
  11. pwood66889

    For Sale Teenie 2 Price?

    Greetings from frigid SE Alabama! A deceased friend's family needs a good new home for his Jeanie's Teenie 2. Aircraft is located in Roswell, New Mexico, and is almost ready to fly. As in engine and all gages in, painted and antenna for hand held installed. One would have to put the wings...
  12. pwood66889

    Help wanted: Pilots

    Hard to believe, in this day of hang over unemployment, that some outfits are actually looking for the glamor position of flyperson. Yet, if you have a thousand hours of rotorary wing time, they are willing to talk to you! It needs to be on the CH-47, the OH-58 or the AH-64. So if you think...
  13. pwood66889

    Attach wood to aluminum?

    Found some aluminum at the local scrap dealer - good price! At least what I could drop from what was in the wallet. So my question is how to extend longerons (of an airframe to be covered with cloth) by putting wood on the end? My thinking: * Aluminum front for crash resistance * Wood on the...
  14. pwood66889

    Teenie Interest?

    A friend and I have been working on a Jeanie's Teenie 2. He might be interested in selling, and wondered what the interest out there was. Thanx, Percy in NM (where the plane is), USA
  15. pwood66889

    Sport Pilot Ercoupe For Sale Soon!

    Ercoupe 94041, Serial #: 1364, 1882 TTAF. Contenintal C-75-12F, 150 since overhaul. Clean, very original Ercoupe. Has "canned" spark plugs/no cowl bumps, and "crank" trim. Comes with alternator and a new battery. Sold with annual inspection dated June, 2008. IA needs to complete paper work...