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  1. Mad Man Mike

    glass uni over wood core

    A brass rod will help --but if the blades are SOLID wood it wont be enough--also how will you anchor the brass rod -also all of this weight will negate your quest for lightness. Bensen style balancing works but as you say it is draggy A steel plate at the 25% line WILL NOT help the balance...
  2. Mad Man Mike

    glass uni over wood core

    Neither option 1 or option 2 will give you what you want. A Solid spruce laminated blade will be strong enough but you WONT be able to balance it in Chordwise location anywhere close to the 25% mark so much for option 1 -- A mahogany leading edge with a foam or balsa core will be better -but it...
  3. Mad Man Mike


    Ive got a set of plans for an Affordaplane -and Ive considered building one and powering it with my 3cyl Geo Metro as I havent had much luck in selling it --Ive probably got most of the material on hand already. Im also not particulary fond of the "fuselage" and will modify it for strength...
  4. Mad Man Mike

    Thorp T211 corrugated wing skins

    Of military aircraft it has often been said --if they aint leaking they must be empty!
  5. Mad Man Mike

    Propeller Speed Reduction Drives

    I asked for a price quote from them --they have not responded --been two weeks now--
  6. Mad Man Mike

    Using auto carbs

    It was a 1972 Vega and the OAT was in the 30's f .It occurred over the Christmas Holidays in 1972. The car was only 9 months old -Most people hated the Vega--but I loved mine got 30 + mpg and lasted nearly 100K -with no problems err--until it blew up !!
  7. Mad Man Mike

    Using auto carbs

    Dan--Im pretty familiar with carb ice--but I live in a dry part of the country-so it has never been a problem with me. Worst case of carb ice I ever had was when I was driving my Chevy Vega on the Ft. Worth /Dallas Turnpike in the mid 70's. The carb iced up solid --the hose that went to the...
  8. Mad Man Mike

    Using auto carbs

    Yes it does --but I really dont think that does anything. The amount of coolant that flows through it is very small in comparison to the amount of air that passes through the carb. Also since the coolant (and hence heat ) is below the carb it is highly unlikely that it would have any impact on...
  9. Mad Man Mike

    Using auto carbs

    Ive been flying a Holley 2BBL on my Subaru EA81 powered gyro for over 12 yrs with ZERO problems. Had the gyro well over 10K ft on more than one occasion--no problems --some say it likes to ice up --but mine never has--
  10. Mad Man Mike

    CH 701 with Aerovee?

    I think it would be a poor choice--IIRC the AeroVee is nothing but a reworked VW and as such it develops its power at a higher RPM. The 701 is a very draggy aircraft so it needs a larger prop than a DD Aerovee uses. At a minimum a Redrive say1.5 to 1 is necessary to get a larger slower turning...
  11. Mad Man Mike

    Both completed(last summer 08)

    I have a friend ,Paul Heil, that lives in Aqua Caliente AZ that has a Falcon. We went to California a couple of years ago to pick it up and trailer it back. He has flown it a few times but says it is very non responsive and is trying to sell it. Paul has built and flown many ultralights and...
  12. Mad Man Mike


    In picked up a high torque geared starter at the offroad VW shop in the east valley --Its on Indian School Rd (or possibly Thomas ) at about 40th street. I dont have a phone book handy to look it up. Its pricey --about $200 --but its very powerful and relatively light weight --I adapted it to my...
  13. Mad Man Mike

    EJ22 Redrive

    Im looking for a Belt redrive for an EJ22 -can be an older unit such as an RFI or RAF--the ratio range I need is 2.1/1
  14. Mad Man Mike

    Need Help!!!

    Dana --I understand your position and generally agree with it. All I can say is that I have never had a failure of a GR8 Bolt. Approx 8 years ago I crashed a gyrocopter that was built with a mixture of GR8 and AN hardware. I mean this gyro was TOTALED and I was lucky to get out alive. After...
  15. Mad Man Mike

    Need Help!!!

    Yup -that is correct--
  16. Mad Man Mike

    Need Help!!!

    Again I disagree--almost virtually all bolts made today have rolled threads --cut threads are cost prohibitive in mass production-- Check it out-- GR8 Bolts were being made in this Video---
  17. Mad Man Mike

    Need Help!!!

    Dana --I strongly disagree on the use of GR8 bolts. I have used them extensively on several of my projects--never had a problem and --more manufacturers use them than you would expect.--of course YMMV
  18. Mad Man Mike

    Laminated wood landing gear

    Go to a sailboat shop and get a "snap shackle" -they come in various sizes and will open under load VERY easily---but they aint cheap -expect to spend 30-40 bucks!
  19. Mad Man Mike

    Sheet Metal Brake

    Heres some pix of my homemade brake
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