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    Custom Lycs

    So does anyone here have any experience with build up hybrid Lycoming's from spare parts lying around? Say I have a O-290-G lying around, already converted for aircraft use, but in need of overhaul. Besides the basics, anybody know whats needed machining wise to fit a O-320 crank (and which one)...
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    West system VS. everything else

    Ok, I'm an A&P Mechanic and RV builder. I've done a little composite work throughout the course of my job and for the RV, almost exclusively using West System. It has come to my attention that this may not be the BEST epoxy to use fore structural fiberglass work, so I was wondering what is? I...
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    Just another RV builder...

    Howdy! Names Stephen, building RV-7 have A&P, do regular maintanence on a Whitman Tailwind, Glasair IRG and a RV or two. Try not to use the A&P for Spam Cans anymore :p Also I'm on Doug Reeve's RV site and have my own blog, see my signature...