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  1. Radialconversions

    Verner S9 vs Rotec R-3600

    I’ve been asked to copy my post over here from my Facebook page. I hope everyone finds this informative. So the other week I did an up close inspection of the Verner Scarlet S9 for a customer of mine. He was considering using this engine in his project and wanted me to develop the firewall...
  2. Radialconversions

    For Sale New Rotec R-3600 for sale

    Radial Conversions is proud to announce that we have a new Rotec R-3600, 9 cylinder, 150 hp Radial engine for sale. The engine is new in the box and is already in our facility. This saves money on shipping. The engine is already upgraded with Radial Conversions intake drain kit, scavenge...
  3. Radialconversions

    North American Rotec Engine dealer

    Ok folks here we go! I'd like to announce that I am now the North American distributor for Rotec Aerosport's Radial engine lineup. My company, Radial Conversions, will handle engine sales, support, and firewall forward consulting services. I am also putting together a guide to installing a...
  4. Radialconversions

    High temp epoxy

    I'm looking to make some composite baffling for my engine. Is there an easily sourced epoxy resin that can withstand 400F? BK
  5. Radialconversions

    New Rotec forum

    To all Rotec product owners. Rotec Aerosport now has an online forum that can be used for troubleshooting problems. This is the same type of forum that most manufactures use for support these days. You can access it by clicking the link below. https://forum.rotecaerosport.com/
  6. Radialconversions

    Attn. Rotec Aerosport product owners

    I've started a Facebook Page and Group specifically for Rotec Aerosport product owners. The intent of the page is for the exchange of ideas on installations. It's important for people to share what they did that has and hasn't worked. In order to find the page and group just do a Facebook search...
  7. Radialconversions

    The RV-8R lives!!!

    Check it out! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i8uDcmrtJ_0
  8. Radialconversions

    New member from Florida

    Hello all, Ive been lurking on here for years and have finally joined. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and to let you all know how much I enjoy the threads on here. I am a homebuilder as well and look forward to your comments an opinions. You can find more about my project at...