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    Buying airplane with no regisitation?

    I know of a guy how recently passed away that had 3 airplanes. One is a pipe j3 cub. The catch is the guy never had a license to fly and did not register the planes. He flew them from his house mostly. I know he owned the cub for over 20 years as he tried to trade it for a bass boat my dad had...
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    For entertainment purposes and to try to understand what makes it spin.
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    What could I do to get it to spin to the right with the Vertical stab in its current location?
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    So the vertical tail has to be blanked out or stalled for the plane to spin? I guess I would have to make the vertical smaller to make it spin to the right in the current configuration?
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    I have built the perfect plane to analyze! Attached are pictures of my plane. Now the weird thing! It will spin to the left all day long. It will not spin to the right. Left spins can be flat or nose down Most of the time it takes some sort of control inputs to stop the spin. Down elevator...
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    What is the Z axis? If X is the length of the fuselage and Y is the span of the wings how do you move weight on another axis Z?
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    How about mass distribution? That seems to be a larger factor. So X axis is from the prop to the tail. Y is wing tip to wing tip and Z is above and below the wing? http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a801101.pdf Variations in Mass along Body Axes Along X-axis.- Figure 6 shows that for...
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    fuselage shape, vertical tail size vs spin behavior

    I read this Nasa technical document on wind tunnel test done on model airplanes to determine the effects of fuselage shape has on spin behavior. GENERAL STUDY OF LIGHT PLANE SPIN, AFT FUSELAGE GEOMETRY, PART 1 : BEAURAIN, L : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive From what I gathered it...
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    Spiral stability vs spin tendency?

    I know wing location has nothing to do with it. I was just using the reference of the low wing possibly being spiral unstably due to no dihedral and the center of mass being above the wing. Will a 2 axis plane spin?
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    Spiral stability vs spin tendency?

    Does Spiral stability / instability have any affect on an airplane's tendency to enter a spin and recover? Most GA airplanes are slightly spiral unstable meaning that they will enter a spiral dive from a banked attitude. Spiral stable airplanes are not likely to enter a spiral dive from a bank...
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    rotax rick

    I bought a rebuilt 503 from Rotax Rick. I put 50 trouble free hours on the engine before selling the gyroplane. The price and workmanship was top notch.
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    Stall Recovery vs Tail/Fuselage design

    A friend told me the Stearman Biplane would spin very perdictiably. He said the spins were very slow in rotation and stablized that way. I guess the older draggy planes had better spin characteristics than the newer slicker designs?
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    tail volume coefficient?

    Thanks for the input guys. What factors are considered when deciding on the Vertical tail volume? Does this number have to do with CG also? How does a broad flat side fuselage vs a smaller rounded fuselage affect this number? It seems this number ranges from .02 to .04 for most planes...
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    tail volume coefficient?

    I read that homebuilts usually have a horizontal tail volume of .5 and GA aircraft like 172s have a .7 volume. The vertical stab volumes were listed as .04 for both. Are these numbers accurate? I am building a r/c plane and trying to figure out if I am doing the tail volume calculations...
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    Problems using Motorcycle motor?

    Check out this guys youtube page ‪Flyfreak41157's Channel‬‏ - YouTube He is using a honda motorcycle engine/ drive train on his CGS hawk.
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    Safe kits?

    Are Chris heintz designs safe? I have read a few difference articles saying he made deadly modifications to the Cri CrI cricket. Also the CH 601 had some deadly design flaws. All stories I read said Heintz said the failures of both plane models were due to the pilot or builder error not...
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    Plans for small aircraft similar to the Cri cri Cricket?

    I was wondering if you guys know of any other aircraft out there are similar in size as the Cri Cri. I do not believe the plans for the Cri Cri are available in the US. I like that it uses 2 small engines and performs so well. I like that it is as small as some giant scale r/c planes and can...
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    CG range vs gross weight?

    I did do the weight and balance. I know how that affects CG. The argument my friend has is when the plane is loaded over gross he thinks the 32 to 36 inch arm range changes. In other words he think s a plane over gross might become tail heavy when it is loaded so that the CG is located at 36...
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    CG range vs gross weight?

    On a Cessna 150 C The center of gravity moment envelope runs from around 35.5 at 1100 pounds to 54 at 1500 pounds . This gives the airplane a cg arm range of 32 to 36 inches from the datum point through out this range. Now if this airplane is loaded say 500 pounds over gross that would yield a...
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    ELSA or EAB?

    Can you still register a homebuilt as ELSA? How does the registration process differ from EAB? I read somewhere that ELSA does not have to meet the 51% build rule like EAB and you can take a 16 hour course to do your own annuals on ELSA. So does this mean you don’t need build pictures and a...