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  1. fly2kads

    HBA and ASTM F44 standards - worth it?

    While we in the USA are under no obligation to use formal design codes for our amateur-built aircraft, I think many of us still think it prudent to do so. FAR Part 23 has long provided concrete guidance for us. The "new" FAR Part 23 and the companion ASTM consensus standards allegedly provide...
  2. fly2kads

    High school aerospace

    My 16 year-old son is getting to do some pretty cool stuff in his high school classes right now. He is in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program which incorporates a lot of project-based learning. He is currently taking an Intro to Aerospace class, which is finishing up a unit...
  3. fly2kads

    LAA plans now on CD

    So it looks like the LAA has now started offering the plans for their so-called "heritage aircraft" on CD instead of on paper. The price is pretty decent, at 50 GBP, less than half of what the paper plans used to cost. The USD/GBP exchange rate is *ahem* rather favorable at the moment, too. The...
  4. fly2kads

    Fabric and finish weights

    One question that comes up from time to time is how to estimate the weights of aircraft fabric finishes. I was going through my copy of K. D. Wood's Airplane Design (eighth edition, 1947), and found the following data. I thought I'd post this here for comment and reference. Airplane...
  5. fly2kads

    Sometimes the "Big Sky" isn't big enough

    Two killed when F-16 collides with small plane over South Carolina | Reuters Short version: Cessna 150 got smacked by an F-16. Both occupants of the C150 died; F-16 pilot ejected and survived. No mention of what kind of airspace they were operating in (MOA, etc.) Ouch.
  6. fly2kads

    Kit-built Ercoupe

    Pops raised an interesting idea in another thread: Rather than hijack that thread and run it off-topic, I thought I'd start a quick discussion here. I have never had the pleasure of flying an Ercoupe, but I keep hearing great things about them from current and former owners. I would like to...
  7. fly2kads

    Old airplane day

    I got to take my 12 year-old son and one of his friends on what has become an annual trip down to Lancaster, TX. The main event is the annual sale at Air Salvage of Dallas. There, we get to examine all manner of airframe parts, wheels, instruments, engines, you name it. Just about anything you...
  8. fly2kads

    Matt G in Sport Aviation

    We have another HBA member in the press. This time it's Matt G and his Standard Austria sailplane in Sport Aviation's "What our Members are Building/Restoring." (Nov. 2013) There's a nice photo of the sailplane on tow, along with his brief description of its restoration. Nice job! i have long...
  9. fly2kads

    HP-24 Flight Review in Kitplanes

    Congratulations to Bob K! There is an extensive write-up on his HP-24 sailplane project in the new December, 2013 issue of Kitplanes, based on the first completed kit. This isn't just a little blurb...we're talking 10 whole pages! That's a bunch of real estate in Kitplanes' "buyer's guide"...
  10. fly2kads

    Warning Signs in Plain English

    Sometimes, the direct approach is best....
  11. fly2kads

    Head in the Clouds

    Sigh.... This is the kind of day that makes me wish I had a sailplane or motorglider. Nice evenly scattered cumulus, winds at 7kt, cloudbase at 9000, thermal updraft velocity at 700 fpm+. It's HOT outside, but we have more than our share of solar energy out there. Sorry, just had to vent!
  12. fly2kads

    Climb Rates When Hot and High

    It has been unseasonably hot here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area lately (103 F yesterday), so my sun-addled brain has been contemplating destiny altitude and it's impact on performance. (My sun-addled brain has also been contemplating cold beer, which may or may not improve my thinking.) We are...
  13. fly2kads

    Greetings! New bipe show and tell

    Hello all, I have been reading here for a while and have found the discussions very informative. It looks like there is a nice community growing here! I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. I am starting the process of getting back into flying after being away from it for a few years...