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  1. Durand Sky Ranch

    Lycoming Work

    I purchased an exper. airplane a few months ago. The plane belonged to my grandfather and he flew it for four years. The plane has now been stored for 27 years. I have given the plane a VERY thorough inspection and found zero corrosion. I t was suggested to me to take of the cylinders so that...
  2. Durand Sky Ranch

    MkV Bipe Successfully dewinged!

    Thanks to alot of advice I received on these forums I successfully de-winged and moved the plane. Below is a link to the videos. Video – De-winging the Mark V Biplane « Durand Mark V(5) Biplane Thank you, Chris
  3. Durand Sky Ranch

    MkV update

    Well some of you where following my Blog, that is until I failed to back it up and it crashed! I have it mostly rebuilt and I think for the better. the content should start to get better after next weekend because I am going to pick the plane up. Check out the new blog/website and please leave...
  4. Durand Sky Ranch

    Ever been here?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anybody that has ever visited Durand Sky Ranch. Doing some research and I know there has been a ton of get togethers there. It started operating in '46. Nebraska The airport was home to EAA Chapter 80 and a flight school for a while, had a couple fly-ins every...
  5. Durand Sky Ranch


    I finally received my notice that the N# I requested has been reserved for me. The process has been slow so I get excited about the smallest stuff. The next three weeks will be slow but then it should get very interesting. Thanks to everyone that has been following my blog. Make sure you keep...
  6. Durand Sky Ranch

    Glass panel

    Thinking about a glass panel. I only fly VFR, at least for now. Any ideas on something affordable. -Chris
  7. Durand Sky Ranch

    Looking for old advertisements

    Looking for any old information and articles on my plane that I can find. I have all the EAA stuff. If you ever see any links please let me know or feel free to post them in my blog. I found this tonight. DURAND MARK V - Web Original Content | PlaneAndPilotMag.com Thanks! -Chris
  8. Durand Sky Ranch

    Wing cradles

    Does anyone have any advice, dos and dont's regarding making some wing cradles. I am moving an airplane 400 miles. -Chris
  9. Durand Sky Ranch

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Hello, I have posted in couple other places on this site already but thought I would say hello in here! I am restoring a biplane that my grandfather originally designed and built. I now own the plane and plan on picking it up in couple weeks. The coolest thing is that this is the first...
  10. Durand Sky Ranch

    Bipe wing removal

    Hey everyone! I am not sure if I am in the right area or not but I will give it a shot. I am moving a biplane that my grandfather built in 79. The plane is in great shape but I need to trailer it about 400 miles. I need to remove the wings and am looking for advice on the removal and maybe...
  11. Durand Sky Ranch

    Radio / Transponder

    i am updating an airplane and have not seen this type equipment. I know what it is but don't understand the dial and how it works. Can anyone give me some information about it. Also, can you suggest a good replacement.