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    Need list of 180 HP air cooled engines

    Need help finding a list of 180 HP air cooled engines. I like the Subaru engines but think that size is water cooled and want to avoid the extra weight if I can. Let me know it it's possible.
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    Next project?

    I'm finishing up a JDT HiMax and am looking for my next project. I decided to build the HiMax from plans only and am looking for another project that I can do the same. However, I want an airplane that I can travel in and not just punch holes in the sky with. I'd like a plane that cruises at...
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    Is this normal?

    I ordered some hardware and wood from Spruce Aircraft and it's taking forever to get to me. I've ordered a radio and books in the past and they would get it out to me in no time at all. Usually the next day. But, I ordered this on March 25th and it's not April 3rd and they still haven't sent it...
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    Engine idea for a JDT Himax

    I'm building a JDT Himax, single seat high wing wood and fabric aircraft. I'm planning on putting a 477 Rotax engine as recommended by the plans. However, I was driving around town yesterday and I heard a Harley drive by me and though, "What a great sound!" I only need a 40 hp engine and don't...
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    gluing question

    I'm building a JDT Hi-max and am starting with the vertical stabilizer. The first step is to take 4 1/4"x1 1/4" strips and laminate them together for the leading edge. I took some knotty pine to use as a straight edge and clamped the stack between them. I let them cure for 36 hrs and then the...
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    2-blade prop vs. 3-blade prop

    I've got the plans ordered for the JDT Himax and saw some videos online of several finished projects. Most that I saw were using a 2 blade prop. The Champ that I currently fly uses a 2 blade prop, too. However, I some a couple Himax using a 3-blade prop. What's the pros and cons to a 3-blade...
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    The good, the bad, and the ugly of wood

    Ok. I looking at some plans for a JDT Himax Light Aircraft. It's an all wood and cloth aircraft. I've never built one before except as a model as a kid. They all flew but not with me inside for the ride. :lick: My plan is to get the plans in March and am at the stage of gathering advise from...
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    transponder for LSA?

    I just had an "Oh Duh" moment. I'm underneath class B airspace and fly out of Falcon Field (KFFZ). Do I need a transponder when I fly the JDT High-Max? I haven't built it yet but need to know what I'm into before I get too deep. If so, that just slapped on another two grand onto the price tag...
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    What to expect for the Rotax 447

    I have a question about the Rotax 447. First, what should I expect for fuel consumption. I was seeing on several sites that they say it's 5.5 gal/hr. That seemed really high as the Cessna 150 burns 6 gal/hr with an engine almost twice as big. I would thing it should be <3 gal/hr. Those of you...
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    First time builder question

    I'm a PPL and working on my taildragger endorsement in the Champ and loving it! I want to build a small plane and would love one with similar characteristics as the Champ. Any thoughts? I joined the local EAA but they keep pushing the kit built or quick kits pretty heard which has turned me off...
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    New from Mesa, AZ

    Hey all. I'm just starting at looking at building my own airplane. But I'm getting overwhelmed with all the information out there; some accurate, most not. I'm looking for a low cost plan for an enclosed cockpit with tri landing gear. I have no welding experience except once at Copperstate...