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    Who has built a helicopter from scratch?

    I am looking for information on scratch building helicopters. Any comment at all would be appreciated. There must be people who do this. Please and thank you
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    Does anyone know what happened to Red Star Aviation?

    Does anyone know what happened to Red Star Aviation, or to its founder Dave Sutton? I understand that he used to be quite a resource for war birds, support and parts. I understand that he used to do consulting for home-builders. Would like to know how to get in contact with him. Thank you.
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    Is anyone familiar with the LS7 V-8 powered Hummingbird 300LS?

    Have any one you flown, built or owned one of these? How are they? Hummingbird 300LS Please give feed back. Thank you.
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    TA16 Trojan amphibian information?

    Folks, What is known about this design by David Thurston? I understand that it is an amphibious design that was offered as a plans built for a wile? How does it differ from the Lake Renegade or Seawolf? Sincerely, whiteknight
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    Scratch built RV-10?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Has any one scratch built RV-10? Whiteknight
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    Garrett JFS 100-13A Turboshaft engine in homebuilt aircraft?

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, What would be involved in doing this type of conversation, and how feasible would it be? Garrett JFS 100-13A Turboshaft engine (Zodiac powerplant - kit airplane) Sincerely and Respectfully Submitted, whiteknight
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    GTD-350 Turbo Shaft/Turboprop Engine

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking for specific and useful information on the PZL/Sikorsky Isotov GTD-350 Turbo Shaft/Turboprop engine. I understand that one of these will produce 400 Shaft Horsepower, while weighing in at 298 pounds dry. Length is 54 inches, diameter 24 inches. What...
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    PRSU Plans

    Who can tell me where I can find good plans for aircraft PRSU's? I have access to a full machine shop. How many of you have built your own PRSU? I am having difficulty seeing a reason why I should buy one when I could build one. I am currently considering using eather a 215 Buick engine or a 4.3...
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    215 buick in Bearhawk

    Has anyone used a 215 Buick/Rover engine in a Bearhawk? Would it be a good fit?
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    Has anyone scratch built a Seawind?

    What would it take to build a Seawind aircraft from scratch? Thank you
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    Aluminum 4.3 l Chevy Vortec block WANTED

    Hello folks, Can anyone please tell me where I can find an Aluminum 4.3L Chevy Vortec block? Suggestions or assistance would be very appreciated. Thank You.